Artesh parades (with IRGC, Basij and NAJA participation) throughout Iran 
by Mark Pyruz

Left: IRIA contingent, possibly Tabriz Commando Brigade
Right: unidentified IRIADF unit

Left: BTR-60 armored personnel carrier
Right: M113 armored personnel carriers

Left: Spectators atop a historic M4 Sherman medium tank
Right: IRIA BMP-2 type infantry fighting vehicle, possibly 84th Mechanized Division

Left: IRIA FV101 Scorpion armored reconnaissance vehicle, possibly 84th Mechanized Division
Right: DShK HMG gunner

Left: SUU-25 illumination pods
Right: AGM-65 Maverick training round

Left: IRINA AB-212ASW medium helicopter
Right: S-200 surface-to-air missile

Left: NAJA special operations contingent equipped with MP5 SMGs
Right: tough looking paratroopers (possibly IRGC) equipped with G3-A4 battle rifles

Left: IRIA M557 armored personnel carrier command post vehicle
Right: BTR-60 armored personnel carriers

Left: IRIA ghillie camouflage suits
Right: unidentified IRIA unit on parade with ceremonial swords

Left: Mercedes-Benz L-series transport towing Oerlikon 35 mm twin cannon anti-aircraft gun
Right: Type 60 (D-20) 152 mm towed gun-howitzer and Type 59-1 130 mm towed field gun

Gonbad-e Qabus 
Left: IRGC unit parading on Artesh military day, likely Neynava Corps
Right: IRGC BMP-1 IFVs followed by T-55 variant MBTs

Left: unidentified Commando unit equipped with AK type assault rifles
Right: Safir tactical vehicles equipped with 107 mm rocket launchers

Torbat Heydariyeh
Left: young BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missile operator
Right: unidentified IRIA unit

Aran va Bidgol, Isfahan
Left: unidentified IRIA colonel addressing parade crowd
Right: Mercedes-Benz L-series carrier with Zelzal heavy artillery rocket

Left: KrAZ-255 troop transport
Right: NAJA police cars, Renault Megane (assembled locally by Pars Khodro)

Left: KrAZ-6322 type (6x6) truck transport
Right: IRIA M557 armored personnel carrier command post vehicle

Left: Type 59-1 130 mm towed field gun
Right: Safir tactical vehicles equipped with BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missile systems

Left: IRIAA pilot, first lieutenant
Right: IRIA M109A1 self-propelled howitzer and M60A1 medium tank

Left: Sepehr 3/4 ton tactical vehicle towing Zu-23-2 AA gun
Right: Toyota Land Cruiser adapted 122 mm 8-tube rocket launcher

Left: contingent unidentified IRIADF unit equipped with G3 battle rifles
Right: IRIA colonel and second lieutenant 

Left: unidentified Basij Ashura battalion contingent
Right: NAJA riot control equipped contingent

Left: unidentified IRGC officer contingent
Right: chemical defense decontamination vehicle

Left: IRIA RPG-7 type gunners, possibly 40th Independent Infantry Brigade
Right: military band conductor wearing MARPAT woodland-type BDUs

Left: IRIA M1954 (M-46) 130 mm towed field gun
Right: NAJA police officer contingent

Left: Student Basij and likely Artesh officer's child participating in parade
Right: unidentified IRIA unit contingent armed with G3-A3 battle rifles 

Left: Kurdish Basij equipped with AK type assault rifles
Right: Toyota vehicles belonging to a NAJA border protection unit

Photos: Islamic Republic News Agency
Note: IRNA photography may be shared by various locations

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