Sunday, June 23, 2013

IRIAF F-14 in Combat - Video Parts 4 & 5 (Persian)

IRIAF F-14 Tomcat in Combat Part 4: "Tomcat vs. Foxbat"

IRIAF F-14 Tomcat in Combat Part 5a: "Battle Over the Persian Gulf"

IRIAF F-14 Tomcat in Combat Part 5b: "Battle Over the Persian Gulf" (cont.)

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Anonymous said...

Great to see the Persian Cats on the prowl over the Persian Gulf. Amazing testament to Iranian ingenuity despite all US/Zionist pathetic efforts to "sanction" even basic spares. Today, skilled Iranian engineers and technicians have upgraded over 60 of the original 79 Persian Cat F-14A delivered till late 1978. The airframes, avionics and weapons systems are all upgraded for service beyond 2025.

Anonymous said...

Iran is now unassailable as the latest Economist Magazine cover story accurately states and the adults here have been posting for sometime despite regular delusions by the 1979 warpers.

The Economist: Die is cast for a nuclear Iran. “Israel attack unlikely”

Neither Iran’s election, nor sanctions nor military threats are likely to divert it from its path to getting nuclear weapons, says The Economist, citing top independent experts in the field. Even if talks go on and the new Iranian president wants a deal acceptable to the West, “the die is already cast.” Iran is close to “critical capability” – meaning a short dash (10 weeks) away from enough weapons-grade uranium by the end of this year for one or more bombs, before Western intelligence knew what had happened. The magazine also accurately states the the US/Zionists were full of bluff and bluster and never had the will or capability to attack Iran which is a large powerful state and has the capacity to respond to any aggression.

As for a US attack, “Mr Obama may well conclude that if Iran’s progress to nuclear weapons cannot be delayed for at least five to ten years, “it is not worth trying.” The last thing he wants is a prolonged bombing campaign entailing a large-scale war with Iran which the US will lose and destroy its ailing economy which has already been bankrupted by a decade of lost wars. America and its allies must therefore think it terms of containment and deterrence. “Managing the consequences of Iran having a nuclear weapon… would include the unraveling of the entire non-proliferation system.”

In other words Iran has called the US/Zionist bluff and won by sheer dint of iron cahones.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any videos of young iranian boys being tied together in human wave attacks? (They were tired so none of them could flee)

What about a picture of iraqs this rate army massacring iran into a surrender?

I.e. Do you have any pictures of reality? Or are you just going to lie all day comfortably from your us residence?

Anonymous said...

The day iran even hints that they are building a bomb the country will face over 1,000 sorties a day.

Until then the west is ok with "merely" destroying is economy.

if you have "cojones" move to iran to see what reality looks like.

Anonymous said...

Shows how forward thinking the Shah was when his government invested in Iran's future.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJune 23, 2013 at 9:32 AM
Iran does not need to hint at anything,it already can build a bomb if it wished to and the first the west would know of it was when it was tested.As it stands now irans conventional firepower is enough to make any potential aggressor think twice

Anonymous said...

I know,but try telling those cappuccino drinking lovelies residing in the West and braying for the IRI.

Anonymous said...

What kind of rubbish is that? I am no fan of the Mullahs or the way they have running Iran since the revolution, but I lived in Iran during the war and I was in the western front for 9 months during the war (The Iranian army) The IRGC / Basij never conducted operations like that.
There was no bullshit like what you mention in your silly post as "young Iranian boys being tied together in human wave attacks". That is rubbish western propaganda lies for people who did not dare to defend their country but now claim they "Love" Iran. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AnonymousJune 23, 2013 at 3:05 PM
As opposed to those cappuccino drinking exiles[traitors] residing in the West thinking that the despotic shahs rule was a golden age and braying for irans destruction at the hands of the west

mat said...

A new report has revealed that chemical arms used by Takfiri militants in an attack near Syria’s northwestern province of Aleppo in March had been provided by two Qatari officers through Turkey.

According to a Saturday report by the Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar, Qatari officers Fahd Saeed al-Hajiri and Faleh Bin Khalid al-Tamimi were behind the transfer of chemical substances to anti-Syria militants through Ankara.

The Qatari officers were later killed in a suspicious explosion in Somalia in May, the report said.

On March 19, over two dozen people were killed and many others injured when foreign-backed militants fired missiles containing a chemical substance into the Khan al-Assal region in the northwestern city of Aleppo, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported.

"On May 30, Turkish media reported that two kilograms of sarin gas as well as heavy weapons had been discovered during raids on the homes of 12 members of the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front in Turkey’s southern city of Adana, located some 150 kilometers (93 miles) from the border with Syria."

Anonymous said...

Iran poised for strategic power shift in the region under Rohani

The successful and smooth transition of power from an abrasive Ahmadinejad to a more suave and worldly Rohani has provided Iran with an extraordinary opportunity to assert its strategic dominance of the region. The biggest advantage Iran has is the complete neutralization and exposure of hollow Zionist threats since the the upheavals in the Arab world may threaten the tiny Zionist entity more than Iran. Unlike Israel, which lives in the midst of the Arab world and its very existence is based on the occupation of Arab lands, and thus is more vulnerable to border instability coming from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and possibly Jordan.

Giant Iran resides on the periphery of the violent Arab world and is culturally and ethnically different with a three millennium old civilization to back up its claims to regional leadership. And considering the recent setbacks of the Takfiri rebels allied and supported by US, NATO, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, competition or threats from the tiny Persian Gulf petro-states is not a big concern to military policy makers in Tehran; without massive intervention by the United States and the EU on the rebel side in Syria, it is unlikely that they would continue on their current course and will eventually fold in the face of determined Russian, Iranian and Iraqi support for an equally resolute President Assad backed by the finest fighting force in the region-Hezbollah. The U.S. strategic defeats and withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, economic decline and dampened by the American public’s unambiguous aversion to more failing military interventions, and the fact that Iran no longer faces an existential threat on its borders, will enable the Rohani administration to think strategically, as opposed to just tactically.

Iran today sits at the apex of its power in a very destabilized region and is quickly filling the vacuum created by inept US policies and hubris. Iran is on the march and this time it appears that all the pieces of the Persian puzzle are falling into place.

Anonymous said...

Google iran human wave attack to educate yourself, or keep lying. Your choice

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:53

Unlike you West residing IRI hypocrites we don't deny the Iranian people from drinking cappuccino and having a good life.But the minority of impudent IRI supporters such as you who bray for the depotic theocracy and reside in the West have a mission in mind. And that is as a fifth columnist traitor among the Iranian community.If you think exiles are "traitors" then why are you on an exiled site by the name of Uskowi? I tell you why because like all IRI cappuccino drinking lovelies you like to bake your cake and it.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJune 24, 2013 at 9:23 AM
no you simply want to see iran destroyed or the clock turned back to the "good old days" of the shah,if thats not the actions of a fith columnist I dont know what is,as for this being an exiles site,its a pretty funny one considering how many of the posters here are pro iran and its democracy,and personally I think the exiles are where they should be ie anywhere but in iran

Anonymous said...

Pipe dreams comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who calls for or supports attacks against their country is a traitor and only concerned with what they personally want.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:11 PM

You imprudent boy. Do you know what a "democracy" is? You calling Iran under this nefarious veleyat-e-faqih a "democracy" shows your naivety.
I can't blame you for what you are,because the medieval and despotic theocracy is known for its merciless brain washing methods against weaker beings.
And don't worry about "exiles".Ship loads of Iranians are exiling themselves by voluntarily leaving the country on a daily bases.Just shows what confidence the Iranian people hold towards the occupying lovey-dovey regime.

Anonymous said...

Since when everything found on Google is a fact / the truth?
Where you there? Did you lift a finger? I was there. I am the first one to admit that some of the younger basijis were brainwashed by the slogans and "Noheh" and influenced / indirectly encouraged to seek "Martyrdom". I saw it. But there was NEVER any physical force to send them into the mine fields / battle. Do you really think if any force was applied, theses young people would have don it? Use your brain and logic when you read any rubbish on Google. That will be educational.

Anonymous said...

Yes for the Zionists and the hasbara buggers indeed!

Anonymous said...

Yes, zionists can only dream of attacking Iran. They have not dared to at all.