Sunday, June 30, 2013

No Evidence of Iran-North Korea Missile Cooperation - Report

Iran’s Press TV, quoting the South Korean Arirang News, today reported that a UN Security Council panel monitoring sanctions against Iran has said in its annual report that it has found no evidence of missile cooperation between Iran and North Korea.

“There is no evidence of technological collaboration between North Korea and Iran in developing a long-range missile,” the report said. (Arriange news/Press TV, 30 June)

Late last year, Japan's Kyodo News Agency reported that Iran had dispatched senior defense staff to North Korea to observe the launch of a ballistic missile said to have put a communications satellite into orbit. Iran’s Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi then dismissed the claims as mere “speculation,” adding that Tehran had dispatched nobody to Pyongyang for missile cooperation.

The West suspects North Korea's missile launches are disguised tests of an intercontinental ballistic missile, which is capable of delivering a nuclear warhead.

Photo credit: North Korean missile Unha-3, carrying the satellite Kwangmyongsong-3 Unit 2, lifting off from its launching pad in North Pyongan Province on 12 December 2012. (Press TV)


Anonymous said...

Why would Iran need assistance from DPRK anyway since Iranian technical and industrial infrastructure is years ahead of North Korea. This was desperate US/Zionist propaganda to malign Iran as usual. At least the UN has exposed another lie from the stasi rogue US police state. US is on a global losing streak and will now find nukes in Ecuador and then threaten to bomb it for the next 34 years.

Mark Pyruz said...

Observe the launch of a rocket putting a satellite into space.

HERE is an excellent rundown of missile technology for the world including North Korea and Iran.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark. Iran is building a permanent space center and launch site for future satellite launches.

B.M.A said...

Thanks MARK for making it easy to access that site.WELL even if the relations are normalized,the NATION has learned a bitter lesson from the WEST.
INDEED had it not been sound policies by the Government on the sanctions, the country would be all ruins!.robust investment in science and technology is one of the many reasons the GREAT REVOLUTION will be written on a special page in the history of this great Nation.