Monday, June 10, 2013

Hadad Withdraws from Presidential Race

Presidential candidate and former Majlis speaker Qolam-Ali Hadad Adel has withdrawn from the June 14 presidential race in favor of other principlist candidates. Hadad, along with Qalibaf and Velayati, was a member of the Coalition of 2+1. His withdrawal still leaves five “principlists” (conservatives of different shades) in the race.

File photo: Qolam-Ali Hadad Adel (IRNA)


reader said...

He comes across as the most pragmatic among ultra conservatives. Aref should follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Mr. G.A Haddad Adel for a thoughtful decision, to the benefits and strenght of the country as well as for contribution to the national unity.

Mr. Haddad holds Phd degree in a philosophy from the University of Tehran in addition to BSc and MSc degrees from Universities of Tehran and Shiraz.