Saturday, June 29, 2013

Iran Navy claims civilian vessel types outfitted with missiles

From Fars News Agency:
Deputy Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Abbas Zamini downplayed the effects of the western sanctions against Iran's defense industry, and announced that the country has equipped a large number of its civilian vessels with missile-launching systems for military operations.
"Many units which were used to transfer passengers in the past have now been equipped and delivered to the Navy units as missile-launching vessels, meaning that they now have a fully different application," he added.
Whether the Deputy Admiral is referring to vessels related to the Arvandan built types such as the Naser class, Gowhar passenger ship type (high speed craft), LSTs or others is unclear- Iranian media defense reporting is flawed in detail. No video/photo evidence has yet been provided of these claimed auxiliary missile boats.

Example of Arvandan built boat: Nasser class 

Gowhar passenger ship type (high speed craft)

Historical examples of converted passenger ships to auxiliary cruisers

SMS Cap Traflagar: passenger liner converted to an auxillary cruiser during World War I

RMS Carmania armed merchant cruiser converted from civilian ocean liner

Photos: Wikipedia, Arvandan and


Anonymous said...

This is a great innovative move as modern solid fuel missiles are compact and can be programmed by a laptop. Iran is wisely saturating the Persian Gulf with SSM batteries on shore, on naval craft and on various small modified vessels. This would turn the narrow and shallow confines of the Persian Gulf into an inferno for any suicidal aggressor.

Anonymous said...

What you wrote are lies.

truth is that if someone took you out of your Western residence and enlisted you in the iranian Navy during war with the u.s. you would fall to your feet crying and begging for release from what you know is certain death.

Anonymous said...

You seem to particularly ignorant about the west and Iran both. Now go suck on a lollipop!

mat said...

Iran's Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari is scheduled to visit Russia at the invitation of the Russian Navy.

Heading a high-ranking military delegation, Sayyari will leave for Russia on Tuesday to visit a defense exhibition.

Deputy Commander of Russia’s Caspian Flotilla Nikolai Yakubovsky said on Friday that Tehran and Russia were considering a plan to conduct a join naval exercise in the Caspian Sea.

In 2009, the two countries conducted their first joint naval maneuvers in the Caspian Sea, involving about 30 vessels.

Anonymous said...

Correct. The Russians have invited him and other branch heads to closer consultation. Iran and Russia are now real strategic allies and are cooperating on various regional and global matters. Russia was instrumental in closing down the almost indispensable US air base at Manas in Kyrgyzstan. Russia has recently deployed other forms of pressure on its ex-Soviet Republics to stay clear of US/Zionists as well. On June 20, the Kyrgyz parliament unanimously voted to support President Atambaev’s decree denouncing the agreement with the U.S. regarding the Transit Center at the Manas airport. With Pakistan in flames, the US and NATO occupation forces will be boxed in Afghanistan and Russia can turn up the heat even more.

Finally, last month Moscow agreed to write off US$ 500 million of Kyrgyzstan’s debt, a move welcomed by the parliament in Bishkek. Russia has recently deployed other forms of pressure as well. Kyrgyzstan has been invited into joining the Russian-led Customs Union by 2015, and Russian military is establishing closer links with its old Soviet Republic.

Russia is closely watching how much weaponry the US and its NATO stooges supply to the alCIAda Takfiri cannibals in Syria and that it can do the same by arming the Afghan, Yemeni, Hezbollah and other anti-US/Zionist resistance forces. A Russian General even threatened to bomb both Saudi Arabia and Qatar and wipe them out in 24 hours.

In the new multi-polar world very rapid strategic transition is taking place as Russia, Iran and China assert themselves. It is more than likely that Russia will sign some major arms deals and technology transfer with Iran. I would not be surprised if President Rohani who speaks fluent Russian soon goes to Moscow for a state visit as well.

Anonymous said...

Is the "mighty Islamic republic" going to send this ship to the Atlantic?

Anonymous said...

Already has. Iranian ships sailed to Cuba and Venezuela. BTW, new frigates and subs are being commissioned next year and a helicopter carrier in in the works. Stay tuned.