Sunday, June 2, 2013

Iran Cuts Funding for Hamas - Stance on Syria Cited

Iran has cut funding for Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas for siding with the Syrian opposition in their war against President Bashar al-Assad and the Hezbollah, a senior Hamas official in Gaza Hamas told Al Arabiya.

“The financial support Iran has given to Hamas was influenced by their position regarding the crisis in Syria, yet even so, it never ceased,” said Khalil al-Haya, the Hamas senior official.
Al-Haya said the Hamas’ budget is not suffering a crisis as a result of the shortfall in Iranian funds, stressing that the Islamist movement has other supporters.
“We never expected that a country like Iran, which talked about oppressed people and dictatorial regimes, would stand behind a dictator like Assad who is killing his own people,” said Ahmed Yousef, an adviser to Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas’ prime minister. (Al Arabiya, 2 June)

File photo: Iran’s Supreme Leader
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, right, greets Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, in Tehran, 12 February 2012. (


Anonymous said...

Hamas is a Shin-Beth (Zionist not so secret police) creation to weaken Arafat's PLO and Iran should never have gotten involved with Hamas Salafi ingrate freaks who are sending Qassam rocket teams to Syria to make rockets from sewer pipes. These Palestinian idiots are even forsaken by the fractious Arabs themselves. Why do you think even Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood government keeps Rafah crossing closed and Hamas quarantined?

Iranian financial contribution was estimated at $30 million annually before 2006 (Hezbollah's victorious war against Zionists) and then increased to its peak in 2008 (Zionist-Hamas one sided mini-war) and then the 2012 "Pillar of smoke" conflict to around $150 million.

Iranian military advisors were not impressed by the quality, performance and dedication of Hamas in their conflict with the Zionists. Hamas put on very poor performance, unlike Hezbollah who fought like lions to repel the Zionists and held them off for 33 days, more than the combined Arab armies in 1967 and 1973. Highly professional and motivated Hezbollah fighters destroyed over 20% of Zionist armor with Iranian made Raad and Russian Kornet ATGMs. While Hamas could not knock out a single armored vehicle.

Hamas never constructed adequate tunnels or bunkers in dense urban terrain of Gaza ideally suited for asymmetrical warfare or lulled the Zionists into street fighting high casualty war of attrition. Compared to highly educated and motivated Hezbollah troops, Hamas cadre and leadership is very poor and foot-soldiers lack dedication or will to fight.

Iran is doing itself a big favor by dumping worthless Hamas and its Wahabbi inspired ideology of defeat.

Anonymous said...

Palestinian would rather be humilated by Israel than being paid by Iran/Khamenei - now ask yourself why ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous June 2, 2013 at 2:48 AM
I agree,sadly the big losers here are the palestinian people,but with leadership like that its not really surprising.I would have thought that considering their circumstances the phrase that Beggars cant be choosers would have been utmost in the minds of the hamas leadership before they turned around and bit the hand that fed them,sadly for the people in gaza hamas did not stop to think and now only have themselves to blame,somehow I doubt that the qataris or saudis will prove to be as reliable and as generous as iran and syria were to hamas despite its failures,if I was iran and syria I would leave hamas to struggle through as best it can,if it can,while new groups are found/created or old ones given new support to keep the flame of resistance burning,let hamas go the way of fatah/plo

Nader Uskowi said...

I invite those of you who now claim the relations with Hamas was worthless to take a good look at the photo published here. Yes, that’s Khamenei hugging the Hamas chief, and broadly smiling. Have you ever seen Khamenei show so much public affection to any other official, Iranian or foreign? Go back to all photos you’ve seen of him, you can’t find a single one like this. And yes, the date is 2012! Now because the Iranian policy on Syria is different than that of Hamas, they’ve become the scums of the earth, and as one commentator here claimed of being Israeli agents. The real problem is with your “analysis.” Just spinning every single news item to conform to Islamic Republic’s policy du jour, not smart!

Syria is becoming a costly venture for the Islamic Republic and for Hezbollah. The former losing allies like Hamas and getting isolated in the Arab world, the latter losing its image of nationalist crusaders for Lebanon by killing Syrians.

Anonymous said...

I imagine it has been an even more costly venture for the arabs whos attempt to unseat assad and curb the growing power of iran has failed miserably,I also think its a little silly to base the strength of an alliance on a publicity shot for the cameras.Sadly the palestinian leadership has often made very bad decisions that have cost its people dear,the big losers here are hamas who will now have to rely on the same arab stooges who have shown time and again that they could care less about the fate of palestine and its people,but they were the ones who made that choice not iran,tho` had iran had to choose between syria or hamas the outcome would have been the same.The difference here is that you mr Uskowi still persist in seeing what is happening in syria as some sort of tahrir square like spontaneous popular peaceful revolution that only turned violent because of the government while ignoring the fact that a great many external players were trying to use the cover of the arab spring and the protests in syria to attempt to destroy the syrian government as a way to weaken the growing irani power in the region,faced with such a threat to itself and its ally what else could iran do but get involved,now you might have wanted them to sit back and do nothing but that would not have helped iran or syria

B.M.A said...

Uskowi is better informed than anybody about all what you are saying!!.He knows well
-a defeat on Assad is the beginning of the end of the Hezbollah.

-a weakened Syrian becomes a direct threat to Iran in the long run.

-a strong Palestinian resistance guarantees peace and hope for a future state!

-a win for the extremists in Syria becomes bad news for the minorities inside Syria and a boost to al Qaeda.

yet again Uskowi is engaging in some poor analysis and YET HE IS BETTER INFORMED and can offer the true picture in His analysis!.

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy of these mullah lovers !
Now Hamas is a Israeli organisation? Only a few weeks ago they claimed that Hamas was the best thing since sliced bread and now they're not.
The fact has always been that Hamas and the Palestinians in general support their Sunni Arab brothers as proved during the Iran Iraq war when they supported Saddam.
The Islamist Shiekh Omati regime in Iran is just that an Islamist occupying regime that has not the slightest interests of Iran as a nation at mind.

Anonymous said...

The Hamas leadership have made a poor decision. The least that they could and should have done is declare neutrality in the Syrian war. At least stay out of it. It's not their country.

Anonymous said...

Actually there a lot of US police state self-exiles who post the same delusional nonsense and fail to realize the BIG PICTURE. Iran is a stable regional powerhouse and was doing the Palestinians a favor by aiding them. Hezbollah and Syria are another issue and Iran will NEVER abandon them in a MILLION YEARS. These simpletons simply don't understand strategic alliances, Shia dimension and Iran's growing role in a changing Middle-east order. Russia seems to have grasped the importance of Syria and so have China, India and the majority of Zionist free world. Syria will neither be a quagmire or a long drawn out affair, simply due to DEMOGRAPHICS.

Anonymous said... --- Russia and Ukraine together are sending a combined large detachement of its armed forces in defense of Syria!!!

Anonymous said...

I had posted a verified Russian media link on this issue. It is indeed true that Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia and even Serbia are sending "volunteers", mostly special forces types to aid the Syrian government. The Slavs hate the Takfiri bastard cannibals as they have fought them in Afghanistan, Dagestan and Chechnya. Serbia or ex-Yugoslavia had very close relations with Syria (Ba'ath party) and many Syrian military officers have close links with their Serbian counterparts. The mostly foreign Wahabbi/Salafi terrorists have ZERO chance of "winning" anything in Syria as the majority of the population has turned against the atrocious cannibals who have mostly beheaded civilians, raped and plundered.

Anonymous said...

Interesting news on Al-Jewzeera shows the hopeless Takfiri cowards have no chance against Hezbollah lions. A single Hezbollah fighter killed 17 Wahabbi terrorists in Bekaa. It is beyond funny. Hamas pathetic performance against the Zionists was even worse. These Wahabbis are too uneducated and corrupt even to train let alone teach them to fight. Iran has made the right decision in washing its hands off these Hamas or any Palestinian clowns.

Anonymous said...

"... the majority of the population has turned against the atrocious cannibals who have mostly beheaded civilians, raped and plundered."

that's indeed how the Syrian revolt against the Assad dictatorship started. the vile dictatorship allied with the slightly less vile Iranian theocratic dictatorship slaughtered a couple of thousand innocent people and sent thousands more to the prisons where men, women and even children were tortured and raped.

Anonymous said...

Hezbollah inflicts severe defeat on Takfiri terrorists in Bekaa

Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah has killed at least 20 anti-Syria militants during clashes in the eastern Lebanese town of Baalbek.

According to Lebanese media and BBC, the number of casualties following the Sunday clash is likely to increase after the bodies are retrieved, informed sources say.

Earlier in the day, at least two rockets launched from Syria hit the northeastern Lebanese town of Hermel in Bekaa Valley.

The rockets landed in the Hara neighborhood of the town near the Syrian border. There were no reports of casualties.

According to the Lebanese newspaper Daily Star the terrorist ‘Free Syrian Army’ was setting up a rocket position on a hilltop in the Bekaa valley when a Hezbollah rapid response elite unit ambushed the Salafi terrorists. In the ensuing clash, Hezbollah routed the terrorist bands killing at least 20 and capturing many more. Lebanese troops backed the Hezbollah operation and now the area appears to be calm.

Foreign-backed militants in Syria have previously been involved in rocket attacks on Lebanese border areas.

Anonymous said...

Russian and Iranian support and tactics turning the tide in Syria

Beirut: As the Syrian regime tightens its grip the besieged town of Qusayr, trapping up to 1500 wounded inside, it has been quietly making gains elsewhere in the country, winning back key roads and towns from a rebel force desperately short of weapons and ammunition.

While Iran and Russia have kept a steady flow of armaments, advisors and other supplies into Syria, the sporadic flow of weapons to the rebels, turned on and off like a tap by opposition backers Saudi Arabia and Qatar, severely limited their scope, experts warned.

An assessment by the Carnegie Middle East Centre in Beirut, says while the battle for Qusayr is important, other Syrian military victories around the country are of equal importance.

"Long before Hezbollah got involved in the conflict in Qusayr, the regime had already been taking the initiative, using new tactics, opening up counter-offensives or new fronts over the last two-to-four months," the report said.

It named the Syrian army's push into Damascus, its success in regaining much of the ground it lost around the southern city if Daraa near the Jordanian border, taking back a key road into Aleppo, as well as breaking the siege on Wadi Deif in the Idlib province, as evidence of a significant change in tactics from the regime.

"They have certainly made some very significant gains that puts the government side at a strategic advantage, which means that they are in a position to make further advances".

"Strategically the regime has the advantage and this could mean a total military victory."

It has been attempting to "follow up on military gains by stabilising and providing basic services for civilian population". It is expected that President Assad will declare an amnesty for civilian refugees in an increasingly unstable Turkey beset by mass civil unrest against the tottering government of Islamist Prime Minister Erdogan.

The regime had clearly regained the initiative in key parts of Syria, said Hilal Khashan, professor of politics at the American University of Beirut, revealing the true extent of Iranian and Russian assistance.

"They have been providing them with equipment that has increased the accuracy of their attacks — they can pinpoint where the rebels are firing from, they can better target their efforts," Mr Khashan said.

High-tech Iranian equipment like laser fire locators and GPS target laser designated artillery and aircraft systems have obliterated the rebels with precision strikes. The frequency and accuracy of Syrian airforce strikes has surprised most western analysts.

B.M.A said...

-MAY the Almighty bless our brothers and sisters in the IRANIAN defense industries !!!!!!.

Anonymous said...

One battle won here or there doesn't mean the war has been won.
Assad and his regime will go period.

Anonymous said...

Sure bebe joon! Keep on hallucinating.

Anonymous said...

Not at the hands of the fsa/wahabists it wont,but hey if it makes you fell better you just keep telling yourself that

Anonymous said...

This just in from Aleppo: SYRPER

Over 18,000 new reinforcements have arrived north of Aleppo City who are preparing to storm the northern quarters.

Of these forces, a full armored division, 6 SF groups, 6 brigades of militia and 2,400 Hizbollah fighters are in position for the offensive.

Already, we are seeing MiG and Sukhoi bombers hitting areas in Hanano where rebels are concentrated.

This is it!!!

Geneva-2 is meaningless.

We will start detailed coverage tomorrow as more Intel comes in.

Go Syrian Army!

Go, Hezbollah!

Go People's Militias!


Anonymous said...

Both anons 7:40 & 9:55 trying to be smart ass doesn't change the reality that Assad joonet will go. And that despite Islamic regime pumping in Billions of dollars of Iranian peoples money.