Saturday, June 15, 2013

President-elect Hassan Rouhani

Huge Victory for Iran’s Reformist Movement

Hassan Rouhani, representing the reformists and moderates in Iran’s presidential election, scored an impressive first-round victory over his conservative rivals. Rouhani received 51 percent of the votes.

Tehran’s mayor Mohamad Bagher Qalibaf finished a distant second with 16 percent of the votes. Hardliner Saeed Jalili, the candidate of ultraconservative Perseverance Front, received 11 percent of the votes. Mohsen Rezaie also finished at 11 percent. Ali Akbar Velayati and Mohammad Qarazi followed with single digit percentages.

Rouhani’s convincing win was indeed a clear victory for the country’s reformist movement and a rejection of eight years of extremist policies of President Ahmadinejad.

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate all fellow Iranians on the election of the country’s new president and express utmost admiration for the reformist movement that withstood harshest crackdown by the government in the past four years but resurrected itself to elect the country’s new president. 


Anonymous said...

As a first voter in 1997 election, I saw how our young society is getting more mature and pragmatic! The sole fact that despite all pressures and problems people of Iran realize that the only way to improve the system and Iran is through an inclusive process in which we should try to bring our more conservative people into the reformist circle is very promising. Iran will not become a free society until all people, including conservatives, wants it. Rowhani (and even Mousavi) are very good examples that show how people and freedom seekers can change a person toward a more reform mind one

reader said...

The Iranian people have spoken loudly and decisively that they want political reform.

I just couldn't help but to share the innocent conversation I had this morning with my mother who is well into the late winter of her life

Me: Hello mother
Mother: Hello dear son.
Me: Have you voted yet?
Mother: Yes I have.
Me: Who did you vote for?
Mother: Ghalibaf
Me: Ghalibag? Why Ghalibaf?
Mother: He is a technocrat, a better man to run the country
Me: How about the rest of the family?
Mother: They all voted for Rohani - hypocrites!
Me: Not hypocrite mother - they are pragmatic
Mother: They say they don’t want mullas running the country and then go vote for one!

Anonymous said...

Historic break down of islamofascism(Jalili) in Iran

Important piece in Tabnak شکست اصولگرایی واجب بود

Anonymous said...

Tonight in Shiraz

Mark Pyruz said...

Happy with the result. A very high voter turnout and a Rouhani win. I now dare hope once again for improved relations between the United States and Islamic Republic of Iran.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to President Rohani of Iran !

Now everyone has the duty to support him.

The majority always knows best.

Azari by fortune and Iranian by grace of God
Dariush London

Anonymous said...

This is not a huge victory for Reformists; a huge victory requires 66% of votes in many countries to change constitutions, but it is a huge victory for the Islamic Republic where citizens have expressed their trust in the Islamic Republic and her voting system....

Enemies who counted on riots and a revolution, suffered HUGE defeat, and try to distort results of Iranian elections to their consolation and propaganda purposes.

Ayatollah Rouhani is not an outsider, but member of the current establishment of the Islamic Republic, who has acted against outside enemies of this system.

Enemies have suffered defeat because they counted for a revolution or claims of frauds as well as to blame the Islamic Republic with their old pretexts..
However, the present results of Iranian election will cause for the foreign enemies the biggest headaches, because Islamic Republic and its allies will gain additional time to upgrade their defense capabilities and the Iranian military personnel will also get time for their overdue rests (for a while).

New administration will have time to implement economical reforms, as opposed to the enemy's wishes, and advance Iran to more independence in that economical field too.

Based on the present assessment of the international situation and incoming outcomes, Russia will be the first country to abandon sanction's policies before the next US presidential elections....


Anonymous said...

Mardomo "be marg begiri , be tabb razi mishan"

Anonymous said...

You were against Rohani or are you just a member of Hezbeh bodd?