Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Iran Welcomes Direct Fights to U.S.

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi today welcomed the idea of establishment of direct flights to major U.S. cities, the official Iranian news agency IRNA reported.

“We have no problem with the American people and welcome establishment of direct flights from Iran to the United States major cities,” Salehi said. (IRNA, 26 June)

Iran’s Mehr News Agency had reported on Tuesday that the U.S. officials were ready to allow the resumption of commercial flights to Iran. Mehr even named Delta as the first U.S. airline to resume flights to Tehran. The report has not been independently verified and it was not clear if under the current sanctions such flights could be resumed.


Anonymous said...

Salam nader jan,

The header is very funny: iran welcomes direct FIGHTS to the us

I dont hope so ;-)

Kheyli chakerim

Anonymous said...

Americans are welcome to come to Iran and watch public amputations as well as drive by hangings while they are eating tokhmeh.No doubt they will see the wonders of "Iran-e-Islami".

B.M.A said...

then they will be driven by bus beyond the boarder in Afghanistan and see for themselves how the cities were destroyed by their country's high tech bombs during the cruel war!..

Anonymous said...

It would make a difference from Americans watching government crack downs on citizens rights and drive by shootings in the USA, while eating their daily diets of American fine dining, otherwise known as fast food, pork and bacon.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha !! My comment has rattled the rattle snakes!