Monday, June 10, 2013

Aref Withdraws from Presidential Race

Presidential candidate Mohammad Reza Aref, representing the reformist movement in Iran, today withdrew from the race in favor of Hassan Rouhani, who now becomes the consensus candidate of reformists and moderates.

Former reformist president Mohammad Khatami is said to play the key role in the decision to field Rouhani as the unity candidate of progressives and moderates to run against the principlists (conservatives of different shades) in Friday’s presidential election. Rouhani is now expected to become the frontrunner in the race.

Photo credit: Mohammad Reza Aref in a campaign appearance (IRNA)


Anonymous said...

Practically yes but he didn't mentioned ROuhani in his letter. I hope he fix this tomorrow. I know Aref personally he is a nice person but is very proud of himself (well like all intelligent people)I think he has been forced to quit the game and frankly (and I think correctly) he see himself much more fit than others but he should help reformists to improve Rouhani's chance.

Anonymous said...

Reforming this gangster regime is like trying to rise the dead.