Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New pics: Sadr Expressway in Tehran, under construction

Multi-level expressway in northern Tehran, includes overpass and tunnel sections

Three-level section of Sadr Expressway

Level 2 section open to traffic with level 3 overpass nearing completion

Overpass supports constructed from reinforced concrete

Section in final stages of construction


Photos: Mohammad Esmaeili at 
Tables: Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

Beton and highways are good substitutes for freedom and Democracy. The chineese have a lot of them too.

Anonymous said...

Wow iran has Highway! This is proud of everything

Anonymous said...

new roads are nice, but to use them, cars need tires and workers making tires need to be paid their wages.......

" Following three days of strike action at a tyre factory in northern Iran, Iranian security forces broke into the plant on Saturday and abducted at least 1,000 striking workers.

The workers had been on strike at the Kian Tire Factory in the Alborz region of northern Iran since last Thursday, demanding the payment of unpaid wages. On Saturday evening, security forces entered the plant using bulldozers to tear down walls, and arrested around 1,000 workers.
The strike was the latest event in a long-running conflict over the non-payment of wages and poor working conditions at the plant.



" Representatives of the workers of the Alborz tire factory have met with Industry Ministry officials to discuss their demands for assistance; however, negotiations were unsuccessful.

Workers say they have not been paid around six months of back wages, in addition to not receiving a promised New Year's bonus. "


last week

"The Secretary of the Islamic Labor Council at Iran Tire announced that the Iran Tire Manufacturing Company, which belongs to the Fund for the Suppressed, laid off eighty of its contract workers following a shortage of raw materials needed for manufacturing and cash. The Secretary further stated that the sharp increase in the price of raw materials and the shortage of cash created numerous difficulties for the factory, and its management was forced to downsize the number of employees. He added that 1,250 people are currently employed at the factory, 650 of whom are contract workers. If the problems involving supply of raw materials are not resolved, the factory will be forced to lay off the remaining contract workers."

Anonymous said...

It's all right my friend the workers can breath fresh air while the velayat and his cronies can rob the country blind.

Anonymous said...

At least they still have jobs unlike in a lot of western countries

B.M.A said...

IS this news??-
dedicate time on some European will see pathetic situations than what you are selling!.

Anonymous said...

hahaha the best joke ever

Anonymous said...

7:30----- having a job where you don't get paid for your labor isn't really such a good thing.

if you disagree, please come to my house and scrub my toilets every day. I promise not to pay you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:30 your comment reflects the type of people raping our country.Go back to your barrel in Qom.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous June 13, 2013 at 9:27 PM
If you dont like life in iran you`re quite welcome to go and live in europe,good luck findng a job tho` or perhaps you would prefer one of the arab despots,no doubt it would remind you of the shahs "benevolent dictatorship",iran would of course be well rid of you