Monday, June 10, 2013

Guardian Council Denies Reports of Re-Vetting Rouhani’s Candidacy

The Guardian Council on Sunday denied a report first published by the semi-official Fars News Agency, which was also picked up by Mehr News Agency, that the election controlling body was in the process of re-vetting the candidacy of Hassan Rouhani to disqualify him from running in the June 14 presidential election.

The Fars reports was published soon after Rouhani made a passionate appeal to the country’s youths at a roaring rally in Tehran to overcome their misgivings and cynicism of the political system, and by electing him help propel major reforms, including an amendment to the constitution to recognize equal rights for women and national minorities.

You can watch the video of the rally (Fasi) and the English translation of Rouhani’s speech here.

File photo: presidential candidate Hassan Rouhani (Getty Images)


reader said...

Perhaps some of us too hasty to question the wisdom of the guardian council to disqualify Hashemi?!! Rohani appears to be a better choice!

Nader Uskowi said...

Rouhani is indeed a strong candidate. He might not have the stature of Rafsanjani in dealing with Khamenei if elected, but if his speech at the Tehran rally was any indication, he could become the strongest reformist president ever.

Anonymous said...

Some analysts have commented (I am not refering to those who see a conspiracy in everything, as many Iranians do) that Rohani and Aref were veted by the GC to increase the rate of the votes as a high turn out is of huge importance to Khamenie. This could be a part of the "engineering" of the elections that has been repeated by the IRI officials. What do you think Mr Uskowi?

Nader Uskowi said...

Rest assured that the ultraconservatives would do their best to prevent Rouhani or Aref’s victory and at the same time point to their presence and the high voters turnout (because of their presence) as a moral victory for the system. But that’s their plan. What would be the plan of the reformists and the moderates? I believe it should be high turnout, especially among the youth, to elect Rouhani or Aref, notwithstanding what the ultraconservatives want to do.

Just imagine the election of Rouhani as opposed to presumed frontrunner Jalili. Two different visions for Iran’s future and its political development. Supporting Rouhani’s candidacy and his victory is of critical importance to bring some form of normalcy to the country, more important than ever before.

Anonymous said...

There never will be any normalcy in Iran until the mullahs hands are cut off from social and political affiars.

B.M.A said...

@IN His speech in Tehran He never indicated that he has a problem with Kamenei!.

@You are itching for a 'collision'-by your analysis, you seem to easily let that cat out of the bag!!.

Nader Uskowi said...


Did we say Rouhani indicated a problem with Khamenei? Where? Please read the text of our translation first before making such "observations."

Anonymous said...

'Author' at 8:54AM

I would like to dedicate the following words of Mr.Rouhani, which may apply to his and other commentators' previous and present comments:

Mr. Rouhani said on 06/08/2013 that:

"...(stating) the fallacy, that casting ballot in the presidential election is futile because result of the election is predetermined, is a "word of Satan".


P.S. By my personal experiences, any person from the western hemisphere and without narrow mind, can find more informative news about current Islamic Republic of Iran's issues on an english versions of the Mehr and Fars News Agencies' web sites.
One can also find even more info on those agencies' other languages versions (Farsi...etc.).