Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ahmadinejad Will Return (With Imam Mehdi)--Government Spokesman

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By: Jabbar Fazeli, MD

The Iranian Government's spokesman, Mr. Gholam Hossein Elham, is making headlines in the Iranian media. He said that his boss, Mr. Ahmadinejad, will return to govern when Emam Mehdi, the Shiite 12th Imam, returns. He apparently said that in a form of a prayer at a speak in front of a group of supporters (1,2,3,4,5).

Mashregh newspaper has published a detailed report of this get-together of Ahmadinjead and Mashai supporters. It apparently ends with his loyal supporters surrounding him while sobbing (1).

This episode provides a rare glimpse at the bizarre "personality cult" tradition revived by the Islamic Republic. 

The continued open support for Ahmadinejad among some conservatives, despite his falling out of favor with the supreme leader, is setting the stage for a potentially bloody purge within the regime's inner circle. 

Full report in Persian:



Anonymous said...

What our friend Jabbar seems to forget is that such "personality cults" happen everywhere!!! As a typical Jabbar move, he is creating a basis to blame the current i.r. government for the creation of this none unique event. Really Jabbar? You wasted how many hours to give us that piece of un-news worthy post and wonder why people are harsh on you?

Mark Pyruz said...

I disagree. There is no "Ahmadinejad cult" per se. But there are folks inside Iran that continue to support Ahmadinejad's populist policies.

Rasfanjani not qualifying for the '13 election actually meant more to Ahmadinejad than even Mashaei being disqualified, in that it established a precedent against former presidents.

Anonymous said...

Mark, I salute you on your persistence to educate Mr. Fazeli. I don't think it is going to work and I suggest you save your energy and time in posting new stuff to compensate for Fazeli's agenda for turning this blog into a quasi-LA TV.

Anonymous said...

To be honest Ahmadinejad is a nutter, albeit well meaning one for Iran. His bombasts won no friends anywhere and Iran is a big enough power to carry a big stick and walk softly and use soft power in the neighborhood. Dr.Rohani is a welcome change. He should pick a sensible foreign minister too as Ahmadinejad waits in the retirement lounge for the Mahdi. Hopefully, the Mahdi is not driving a Paykan as the wait will be a little longer.

Anonymous said...

Very Very important news
The Statement of this elham guy are ther most important news, still before newa us agypt, syria.

reader said...

I do believe that Ahmadinejad suffers from a touch of narcissism. I am not a psychologist but recognizing narcissistic behaviour is relatively easy. He should have never been in a position of power - he has done more harm than good. It’s about time for the country to have a mature and balanced person as a leader.

Anonymous said...

Fazeli posts a lot of made up disinformation or is purely ignorant, like his recent idiotic post that ex-President Khatemi has never traveled outside of Iran since he left office. Actually President Khatemi like Rafsanjani travels quite extensively with full government protocol and support. I think Jabber is one of those loudmouth ignorant types who have a real grudge against Iran for some personal reason that clouds his limited mind. Mark indeed is trying his best to educated the uneducated "doctor" of who knows what?