Saturday, June 1, 2013

On Uskowi on Iran!

Uskowi on Iran celebrates its sixth year, and starts its seventh. Mark, Paul and Jabbar join me to thank all our readers, commentators and friends for continually supporting our blog throughout these years. It means the world!

The Blogger’s chart shows the growth of our readership in these six years. In the first five months of 2013, we’ve had 1,126,935 visitors and hundreds of commentators. Thanks again from us all! 

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Hopefully more Marks next year and less Pauls and Jabbars.

mat said...

Keep it up. Thank!

reader said...

Wow! Congratulations on an excellent, highly readable and information-packed blog.
You got a wonderful and insightful knack of knowing the news that really matters.
By far the most up-to-date, considered and balanced news and views from Iran.
Please keep up the good work.

Nader Uskowi said...

Thanks so much for your continues support. Your comments here means a lot to me.

Nader Uskowi said...

thanks so much.

Nader Uskowi said...

Thanks so much. I do agree, hundred percent, with the first part of your comment: Hopefully more Mark's next year. But not the second part: Hopefully more Paul and Jabber's next year. You take away differences of opinion, you kill this blog.

Anonymous said...

Well, then let's hope for more professionally committed Paul and Jabbar allowing less of their prejudices in.

Anonymous said...

Great. Now focus on more reality than the 34 year old delusional thinking on Iran and out of whack wishful thinking on Syria and the region less CENSORSHIP. It has been good to discuss issues and inject a dose of reality and intellectual input on your blog, which has a growing and diverse readership. GOOD LUCK & CONGRATULATIONS. And here is more reality for you:

From Istanbul to Ankara: Turks can’t tolerate Erdogan’s policies anymore

An out of touch and autocratic Erdogan remains defiant in face of mass unrest, which is exposing growing discontent with his government's increasingly Wahabbi inspired Islamist conservative agenda. Turks are angry at the government's decision to embroil them in the Syrian conflict as their economy and social conditions deteriorate. The military is carefully eying the unraveling political situation with alarm and prospect of another regular coup.

Protesters and riot police clashed violently for a second day in Istanbul on Saturday amid raging anti-government demonstrations, one of the biggest challenges Turkey's Islamist-rooted leadership has faced in its decade in power.

On Saturday police fired tear gas at protesters gathering in Taksim Square, the epicentre of the demonstrations that have left dozens of people injured and have earned Turkey a rare rebuke from its ally Washington.

Protesters in turn hurled rocks and bottles at the police.

"We have become one fist," 33-year-old Ataman Bet, said as he swept the shattered glass and burnt plastic in front of his small coffee shop near Taksim.

"This has been everybody -- leftist, rightist, even supporters of Erdogan. People are angry, I am so proud of them" he said, calling the damages to his shop a "necessary sacrifice."

Erdogan remained defiant in the face of the demonstrations, among the largest against his government since it assumed power in 2002.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the six years past and for sixty more.

Anonymous said...

I`ve just discovered this site recently and think it is excellent,keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

A special thanks to Mark Pyruz for his sound knowledge of military affairs and good nurtured factual reporting on Iran. Your blog is one of the better ones in the proliferating cyber galaxy of dubious quality. WELL DONE GENTLEMEN & KEEP ON BLOGGING.

reader said...

.. government's increasingly Wahabbi inspired Islamist conservative agenda. The 'Wahabbi inspired' bit of your cut&paste job is your own personal take on the news. If you take that bit away, nobody can accuse you of deliberately de-focusing from the reality.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed visiting this blog nearly every day during past five year.
congradulation..... Good job lads.

Nader Uskowi said...

Thanks for your support.

Nader Uskowi said...

Thanks. Hope to have you for a long time!

Nader Uskowi said...

Thanks on behalf of Mark and on behalf of us all.

Nader Uskowi said...

Thanks so much for your readership and support.

B.M.A said...

WELL!- may the Almighty bless you and your team!although we are sitting on the opposite sides of the fence ,it is very encouraging to notice that you have done some great work in this year and it is a case for some food for thought!.MAY THE ALMIGHTY HAVE mercy on you all,and may HE [the Almighty]kill the anti regime syndrome in you !and purify your soul!.-but the surge on visitors this year has some reasons and i think your team know let me try this one-


It is good on your part to justify any argument with evidence.but what stands out on you is the quick response whenever faced with a rebuttal.we dont say that you must support the regime, what we are saying is that any Nation has its own challenges -PEOPLE would benefit a lot from your objective criticism than just engaging in some hate and vile slogans!.ANY Government,even the mighty USA or GB needs peple like you!someone who will point out the weaknesses .it is good therefore to maintain some balance and refrain from portraying yourself as a sworn enemy of the state while in reality you may be a GOOD INTENTIONED critic!.All in all thanks indeed!.


-HAD i my own way,you would be holding a position in the Government!. Your factual reporting and sober approach on issues makes any regular visitor invite friends to this blog.But what defines you is the cool mien in taking criticism and jabs!.May the Almighty keep you healthy for a long time and let people benefit from your hard earned knowledge!your contributions and facts are increasingly making this blog a must read for the IRGC Officer to the Cleric!.


First it is wrong for anyone to say that you are a sworn regime enemy!-Had it been so ,then Mark and his balanced work and all those regime supporters would not have chance.May the Almighty keep you healthy too so that people benefit from your knowledge.You have made this blog more democratic and less of a vile anti-regime talking shop!.But i have one request, and this concerns the character assassination of religious figures!i believe, in democracy TOO there is some respect and courtesy.WHY THEN do we allow this blog to insult IMAMS,POPES,SPIRITUAL LEADERS,i mean criticizing a cleric might be another thing but imagine Insulting the Pope here or the Dalai Lama!.And why do we allow offensive posts of KAMENEI and block criticism of Obama or Netanyahu?-

ALL in all it is a Great work on your part Guys and KEEP IT UP.

Nader Uskowi said...

B.M.A., Thanks so much for your kind words. May you also live long and stay healthy. I am sure in time you will see the light and come to our side.

I do not insult anyone, it's not my style. But I do criticize Ayatollah Khamenei's policies. When the Islamic Republic decided after the victory of the revolution to make its leader the executive head of the state as well, not just its spiritual leader or ceremonial head of state, then their heads of state, first Khomeini and now Khamenei, should be treated as any other executive heads of state and subject to same criticism when it is justified. They cannot then claim that they are only religious leaders and immune from politics and all that comes with it. So comparison to Dalai Lama and the Pope is wrong.

Having said so, I'll be very happy to see Ayatollah Khamenei deciding that he wants to go to Qum or Mashad and stay away form government business and just act as a guide to his followers. That would be a great day for Iranian politics, and yes he will be treated with reverence that comes with such position.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, JOB WELL DONE!! Congratulations!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear B.M.A and KM at 2:07PM

I have posted my reply to your post(s), about 17 hours ago, and I do not see it posted at present time on June 3, 2013 at 8PM.

I have checked for "yellow color over approval message"; after pressing "publish" button on the screen; - as instructed by the "reader" (Friend or proxie of the authors), and my reply is still not there (here) !!


B.M.A said...

brother A.F-

-very sad indeed!!-

USKOWI- Please give A.F a fair hearing EVEN IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH HIS POSITION!!- isn't that not a tenet of democracy?.

long live freedom!!!!!Long live healthy debate!!!Long live constructive criticism!!Long live tolerance and sobriety!!!

Nader Uskowi said...

This blog is open to anyone who cares to contribute to the subjects posted and under discussion. Our six-year record is our witness to this claim. But accepting opposing viewpoints does not mean accepting personal attacks or if the comments have nothing to do with the content of tyne post and intended instead against the author and his intentions and integrity. I have attempted several times to advise A-F of the same, but to no avail. A-F, as said many times before, is very welcome to post all his views on al the subjects under discussion, he could have done that and he will be able to do it until we operate here. He does't have a license for personal attacks, however.

Nader Uskowi said...

Thank you so much.