Monday, June 17, 2013

New pics: Naghsh-e-Jahan Stadium, second stage construction

Crawler cranes at work hoisting sections onto Isfahan's expanded multi-purpose stadium

New seats in place making for a final capacity of 75,000

View of the playing field with new seating sections in the background

Concrete stepped seating sections awaiting securement of seats

Color-coded seating evident in this stage of assembly

Good panoramic view of home stadium for Sepahan Isfahan F.C.

The second stage of construction is behind schedule, initially slated for completion in January 
but now pushed back to June 2013.

Photos: Islamic Republic News Agency


Anonymous said...

Mark shamelessly praising iran's quality of life and economy while living comfortably in the US.

Anonymous said...

ooo-weee! A big new stadium and construction cranes.

Now those public executions, by slow strangling, for people caught engaging in homosexuality can really be both entertaining and much more comfortable for the spectators.

So modern and cool is Iran under the Ayatollahs.

Anonymous said...

Telling facts and truth are not shameless, also we all live on the same planet.

Anonymous said...

Or most likely Sepahan plays Football and entertain people of Esfahan while winning!

Anonymous said...

"We all love on the same planet"

B.M.A said...

HEY ! shameless man, Mark is NOT praising anyone!!-do the dictionary tell you that reporting a construction of a descent playing field is 'praising!'

Anonymous said...

B.M.A,you know where to stick your head into.