Sunday, January 19, 2014

‘Nuclear Deal Key to Domestic Reform’ - Zibakalam

As Iran prepares for start of landmark nuclear deal on Monday, professor Sadegh Zibakalam of the University of Tehran says solving the nuclear crisis will allow Rouhani to gradually solve the domestic problems as well.

“Rouhani has correctly realized that if he can solve the nuclear crisis and come to an agreement with the P5+1, then he can gradually solve domestic problems as well. However, if his administration is unable to resolve the nuclear crisis, it will not be successful in solving the political, economic and social problems either. The administration has put all its eggs in one basket,” Zibakalam said during a conversation with Al-Monitor. Zibakalam also discusses recent “oil-for-cash” scandal involving Babak Zanjani and Rouhani’s relations with the hard right.

To read the Al-Monitor interview with Zibakalam, please click here.

File phote: Sadegh Zibakalam, Professor of Political Science at the University of Tehran. (


Anonymous said...

Will he solve the domestic problems like Khatami did? Since Mr "Moderate" Rouhani replaced AN as pseudo-president of the Mollah Regime, the rate of executions has vastly accelerated. After 8 years of "moderate pragmatist" Rafsanjani and 8 years of "reformist" Khatami, one would think that some people would start to learn that the Khomeinist regime is unreformable, but some people like pulling the wool over other peoples' eyes....

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anon 5:26

There's no rehabilitating this Islamist arab-wannabe regime. It needs to be uprooted and thrown into the re-cycling bin. Iran need to be like Sweden for example, a real democracy where everybody is included and with real justice and with fair rules. It's basically time for Iran and its people to step put of the medieval age and into a new era. Iran and its people deserve a whole new system of government. First step is complete separation of "mosque and state"...religion ought to be banned in politics period, and a reform have to take place within the faculties and institutions, it will slowly change the society towards secularism.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:59 PM......I agree with you. But Iran can't be like Sweden yet because Iranians haven't learned to keep religion into perspective and not some be all and end all belief system. Even when the regime is gone you will still have those enforces (mullahs) to deal with. Of course they will be discredited and delt with ease than before 1979.