Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pahpad AB-3 UAV powerplant

This post is intended as a technical supplement to Galen Wright's excellent post on UAVs Over Syria at Open Source IMINT.

Below is photo of AB-3 captured in Damascus on 06/12/13 (via Liwa al-Islam):
Powerplant appears to be Limbach L 550 type four-cylinder, horizontally opposed, air cooled, two-cycle engine; likely Chinese-sourced, possibly assembled in Iran. Note top-mounted abbreviated exhaust "stacks" and bottom-mounted fuel preparation system fitted with air intake "stacks." Generator mounted atop crankcase.

Below is photo provided for Chinese-sourced MD550:

Above motor inverted in relation to UAV airframe installation of similar powerplant seen in captured AB-3. Specifications, click HERE.

Below is photo provided for Iranian MADO MD-550 (Limbach L 550 E factory photo)

Above motor also inverted in relation to UAV airframe installation, sans optional cylinder "heat sinks,"with shown solid-state magneto units. Specifications, click HERE.


Mark Pyruz said...

Amended, generator detail on captured AB-3.

Anonymous said...

Every weapon system is sourced from China and Russia via Belarus and they have the nerve to say their engineers and scientists designed and built these systems.

Anonymous said...

A fake propaganda to hinder the Syrian Army's morale and increase stamina of the Islamic Republic's haters.

What does BMA think about this Mark's article, without a deeper analysis of intentions, to publish that kind of information

Anonymous said...

The drone is iranian designed and built and most likely even the foreign designed components are also manufactured in iran,there is no shame in using foreign sourced components in indigenous designs,many countries do this

B.M.A said...

MARK with due respect-

since when did sourcing from a foreign country become an issue or a crime in the military world?-it very very clear by what we see that Galen whright has a very poor grasp on Iranian military matters in general and its defense particular.

you have succeeded in portraying the Iranian defense industry as some sort of a fraud fully dependent on foreign sourcing -this effectively throws doubt on other achievements the Nation has commanded and made public!-BUT We are reading that an advanced latest fighter plane WILL ACQUIRE some electronic parts from China! in a deal that was finalized recently- as yet another manifestation that sourcing from abroad in a norm too common out there.

And Mark, why do always associate colonial names to a host of military tools presented b the Iranian military as being made in the country.For EXAMPLE

-you have a colonial Name for the jamaran.
-you have a colonial name for the Azarakhash!
-you have a colonial name for the khaibar

I mean EVERY THING even the Samand you accuse it of sitting on a Peugeot platform!.

the good news is that you are very knowledgeable and command some honesty hence we hope that you run something articulating in detail pure Iranian design and artistry in diverse indegenous achievements in the country!.

request = Reader and -AF -PLEASE COME FORWARD AND GIVE YOUR INSIGHTS on this issue!.

Anonymous said...

black man adam (AKA Anon) asking black man adam to respond!!

Anonymous said...

qualified nonsense BMA

Anonymous said...

This engine manufacture in Iran QOM city in Mado company .
MADO is a perfect company for manufacture UAV engine