Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Pics: Parsia Commercial Complex in Tehran, under construction

Work continues at the Parsia Commercial Complex construction site in Tehran, as is evident in this very recent photo. In addition to four tower cranes, a crawler hydraulic crane is seen working the site.

Updated rendering for lakeside facade of completed Parsia Commercial Complex in Tehran

Rendering of far left structures comprising completed Parsia Commercial Complex in Tehran

Additional detailed rendering for section of completed Parsia Commercial Complex in Tehran

Rendering of an interior for a level from one structure of completed completed Parsia Commercial Complex in Tehran


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Iran's economy is doing great. I should go there and get a job, start a business and start rolling in the money.

Anonymous said...

North Korea has one of the biggest hotels in the world. Looks like their economy is doing great ! So try getting a job there if you can. You never know,you might start rolling sooner than you think !

Anonymous said...

So what are you saying? ONE of the biggest hotel and not the biggest so what; and this picture is about commercial center not a hotel! Are you referring and accepted the premises of the axis of evil therefore, an Iranian should feel same affinity for North Korea. If you think North Korea economy is doing great, hate to live in your neighbor hood

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:37 AM....It's just a joke !