Thursday, January 16, 2014

Iran Invites Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra to Open Tehran Fajr Festival

The Iranian government has invited the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra to come to Iran to open the Tehran Fajr Festival. The visit, if it happens, will be on the 50th anniversary of a previous concert they gave in Iran, Thomas Erdbrink of The New York Times tweeted from Tehran.

“If the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra opens the Tehran Fajr Festival, it will be the biggest cultural US event in Iran since the revolution.”  (@ThomasErdbrink/Twitter, 16 January)

Note: Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra performed two concerts in Tehran in 1964. A return to Tehran in September at Fajr Festival would be on the 50th anniversary of those concerts.

File photo: Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (AP)


Anonymous said...

Good boy. Beg like the third world country you are

Anonymous said...

do you know what is fajr festival ?
that is celebration of iraninan 1979 Revolution
they are singing death to USA, and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra singing too

Anonymous said...

Lets "celebrate" the regime of theives liars and murderers. LOL!

Anonymous said...

what gives you the idea that the Pittsburgh Symphony would accept the invitation and celebrate the revolution that, sadly, was perverted into establishing the theocratic dictatorship?