Friday, January 31, 2014

Iran Website Publishes Names and Photos of Iran’s KIA in Syria

Hardline Iranian University Students News (IUSN) today published the names and photos of 15 Iranians killed in action in Syria. Among the names published is Seyyed Mehdi Mousavi, the deputy commander of Ahvaz’s 10th Basij Zone (top photo), Al-Monitor’s Arash Karami reported today.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said this week that Iran does not have any troops in Syria. IUSN’s report questions the truthfulness of that claim.

In a report to the Senate this week, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Iran provides billions of dollars in military and economic aid to Syria and train pro-regime and Iraqi Shia militias as well as deploying its own personnel. Iran’s ally, the Lebanese Hezbollah has also committed thousands of fighters to Syria.

It was not clear why IUSN chose to begin publishing the names and affiliation of Iranian KIAs in Syria at this time. With the exception of statements by Iranian officials or commanders in support of the Syrian government, discussion and debate over Syria in the Iranian media is almost non-existent.

Photos: Iranian University Students News/Al-Monitor


Anonymous said...

15 KIA doesn't imply a hard-fact for combat troop actions, in a conflict with around 1600 casualties in a week.

Nader Uskowi said...

Indeed we don't have hard facts, not knowing the dates/places/circumstances of their deaths. We don't know how many more names they have. We know they are referred to as martyrs, however. I wish Iran takes out the veil of secrecy and tell its citizens what it is doing in Syria. (Reminds me of the Shah which fought a long "secret" war in Oman in 70s.)

Anonymous said...

Yes the Shah did send air mobile troops backed by F4 Phantoms jets to Dohfar Oman. Guess who took the credit for it? You guessed it,the British and their SAS. Iran played a large part in saving Sultan Qhabos regime.But the western intelligence services made out that Iran's army relied on heavy fire power and were unwilling to directly engage the enemy,which was the biggest bunch of lies told. The Imperial Iranian army lost a number of dedicated and brave troops in that conflict. Also the Imperial army had a policy of quick turn around of troops to gain as much combat experience as possible.Iran lost a number of helicopters in that conflict but most of those were retrieved by special air mobile units.

Mark Pyruz said...

It's possible that by "troops" Zarif is referring to Iranian tactical military formations. Prior to 1965, our American leadership maintained a similar claim with our commitment to South Vietnam.

Incidentally, Nader, prior to this IUSN publicity, Iranian media has on occasion provided details of Iranian and allied Shia fighting forces KIAs during the ongoing Syrian conflict. In the past I have posted on a couple of these reports..

Also, in reference to the so-called "Dhofar Rebellion" I remember in Tehran during the mid-70's seeing on Iranian TV Iranian troops (paratroopers?) engaged in operations in the southern Arabian peninsula, so I don't have the recollection of it being so "secret". Long time ago I admit but that's how I remember it.

Anonymous said...

Try again (with a little geography lesson this time). Dhofar is in Oman, not the "southern Arabian peninsula".

Nader Uskowi said...

Mark, I doubt if Zarif is familiar with the concept of tactical military formations as opposed to other military presence. Not sure why he so strongly denies Iran's military involvement in Syria. Salehi before him never did.

True, pictures of some funeral of more senior officers killed in Syria have been published in the press. But this is the first time that a news website is publishing the list of KIAs n Syria.

Shah's Dhofar military expedition was indeed kept officially unannounced for longest time. I knew of officers coming back who could not talk publicly about their experience. When the number of body bags returning became more, then the public started to understand that Iran was engaged in a major military conflict in Dhofar province of Oman; Dhofar wanted to break away from Oman. Probably the video you saw refer to that timeframe.

The Confederation of Iranian Students was the first organization that broke the news of Dhofar involvement, and held anti-war rallies at Iranian diplomatic missions in the U.S. and Europe. The Iranian embassies for longest time denied the news, although this was part of the Nixon Doctrine, designating the Shah as the Gendarme of the Persian Gulf.

Anonymous said...

15 KIA doesn't imply a hard-fact for combat troop actions, in a conflict with around 1600 casualties in a week.====

may you have your wish granted and may there be 1500 Iranian KIA so that you have all the proof that you require to be certain that Iran is immorally meddling in Syria and fighting to support a vile family dictatorship.