Sunday, January 12, 2014

CIP building at Imam Khomeini Airport, recent construction

Part of Imam Khomeini International Airport expansion efforts is this recently constructed Commercially Important Person (CIP) terminal building.

Variety of transportation service type vehicles parked at front of CIP terminal building

Stylish facade product of Italian architectural firm Lilli Systems, executed by Alupan Company of Tehran

Interior detail as seen through facade glass

More stylish details of this contemporary design

Photos: Lilli Systems, and Contemporary Architecture of Iran on Facebook


Anonymous said...

When I was at ika I had to use the men's bathrooms and sure enough there were dumps on the floor. Only Iranians are so disgusting as to do something like that when there's a place to flush it a few inches away.

Anonymous said...

This building is a copy of a bank built during Reza Shah's time. For its time the bank looked very modern and has become a classic. But this new airport building doesn't look right somehow. Compared to airport buildings in Dubia it looks cheap and nasty. But hay what do you expect when you have careless and nasty regime robbing the country blind.

Anonymous said...

Only zionists are so disgusting as to continually practise racism against other peoples.

Anonymous said...

Honestly does this building look like it belongs to a country with over two and half thousand years of written history? While in tin pot states like Dubia you have first world airport.

Anonymous said...


It's got nothing to do with Zionism. It's got everything to do with culture.

Anonymous said...

Mullah culture concerns itself to matters below the waistline :o)

Anonymous said...

Yes, racism is a fundamental part of zionist culture. Everyone else who is not a zionist is considered as "goyim".