Friday, January 17, 2014

Iran’s FOREX Assets Held Abroad Estimated at $100 Billion

Iran has about $100 billion in foreign exchange assets around the world, of which it will be able to access $4.2 billion under the Geneva agreement, a senior U.S. official told Reuters on Friday.

The official, who was not named, said the assets were held in various countries and that a significant proportion was Iran's oil revenue.
Banking and other sanctions against Iran have meant Tehran has not had free access to its foreign exchange reserves outside the country.

Under the 24 November agreement, Tehran will receive limited sanctions relief, which the U.S. estimates to be worth about $7 billion. Of this amount, $4.2 billion is in the form of access to currently blocked Iranian revenue held abroad. (Reuters, 17 January)

Iranian officials have in the recent past referred to about $50 billion in foreign exchange assets held abroad, about half the amount estimated by the Americans. China is believed to be the largest holder of Iranian foreign exchange assets outside Iran, with holdings that approximate $30 billion.


Anonymous said...

The anti-Iran and Islamic/Arabic regime should be starved of all funds. Even if the funds are limited.
This dirty Islamic occupying dictatorship has sold Iran to countries like China,Russia,India and of course the US/UK.
Next the filthy terrorist Islamic rapists will give away our three islands so that they can remain in power.
These mullahs and their rapists have no shame when it comes to stealing and killing. So long as it helps to keep the terrorist theocracy in power for ever in their warped and twisted minds.

Anonymous said...

Stupid mullahs

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