Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Update: 'Dreamland of Padideh Shandiz' in Mashhad, under construction

Progress evident at "Dreamland of Padideh Shandiz" construction site in Mashhad since last reported in August 2013. Above photo dated first week of January 2014.

Residential section of "Dreamland of Padideh Shandiz" taking shape with assistance of numerous tower cranes

Assembled steel beam detail from residential section of "Dreamland of Padideh Shandiz"

Rendering of completed residential section of "Dreamland of Padideh Shandiz"

Office complex section under construction for "Dreamland of Padideh Shandiz"

Sculpted section of office complex structure, under construction

Rebar grid detail for section of office complex, under construction

Rendering of completed office and administrative complex for "Dreamland of Padideh Shandiz"

Amusement and recreation complex of "Dreamland of Padideh Shandiz," under construction

Detail showing sidings applied to amusement and recreation complex of "Dreamland of Padideh Shandiz"


Anonymous said...

Yes,it is very much a "Dreamland of Padideh" for the occupying mullah regime.

Anonymous said...

and in related news of construction, fanboy's friends in North Korea sent this........

Welcome to the Hotel of Doom: The 3,000 room monstrosity in Kim Jong-Un's starving dictatorship no foreigner has stepped inside... until now
The world's biggest hotel is set to open in North Korea next year
When it opens it will be 26 years after building work began
It is built in Pyongyang, a city so poor it cannot light up the streets at night

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Anonymous said...

You gotta respect the undertaking of such a humungous project... and being able to finish it while having endured massive sanctions and near complete isolation for decades resulting in impoverishment...if nothing else it says something about their level of tenacity and fidelity.

Anonymous said...

or their dedication to taking public funds and turning them into property of people connected to the regime.

B.M.A said...

western fanboy -Anon jan 15 at 10:12am -'hotel of doom'-

IN A VERY desperate attempt to portray the Nation as a failed state, you have labored to go all the way to the Korean peninsula bringing a story of a building by a western biased reporter.Now do you want to equate the North Korea and the IRI and give a common score card on their economies.
i have gone through the story of the hotel and the videos on you tube and what one can see there is a western reporter visiting North Korea armed with his own answers and biased conclusions in his pocket!.@-It is not true that Pyongyang is a city that knows no electricity !,@-neither is it true that Koreans are all hungry ,or the whole country has no running institution!.

you need to read some online news from China and Russia to get some glimps of the Noth Korea .It is this same western mentality on wrong reporting that saw China looked down for too long from such BIASED news only for the world to realize too late that the Country in fact THE WORLD'S leading economy!.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:23 PM......You are correct. It's all about ways to steal the public funds and turning it into huge profits for the gangster and criminal dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

B.M.A......Nigeria is a "failed state". So why not concentrate on your home country first before forcing your dogmatic nonsense on Iranians who know a lot more about their own country than you will ever know.

Anonymous said...

I second that anon 1:19PM. The bouzineh is pushing his luck too much. Hopefully he will get someone to translate it to him.

Anonymous said...

B.M.AJanuary 16, 2014 at 10:39 AM

if you want glimpses at life in North Korea, you needn't read the Russian or Chinese press.


News From KOREAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY of DPRK(Democratic People's Republic of Korea)

B.M.A said...

reply one-TO =Anon- 'Nigeria is a failed state' AND YOUR sycophantic half empty, minion seconder down there! at 16---16:47pm.

@-eye opener_Iran is already an empire waiting for its time.
@-The two Nations-IRAN /NIGERIA have a lot to share in the energy sector that is why the west is trying relentlessly to build a wall b/tween them.

@But you have personal issues with Africans and a deep seated sense of inferiority trying to show that you are too much of a Western and that you are somewhere above yourself!!.CAN NOT afford even for a day to make a full rational sentence without exposing the missing link in you!.
Your forte is bashing Africans,Islam ,and anything that stands opposite your taste .that is why we all enjoy your out busts, obscene language and your clumsy racially tinged Nationalism .
BUT rejoice for we are at home with your shortcomings,BUT be warned, stupidity is like fine wine!-it matures with age!.

-reply TWO to- 'if you want glimpses at life in .north kOREA........' ON 16 at 10 :39am

-thank you sir BUT , BUT THROUGH THE Russian and CHINESE Media you can get a vivid view of WHAT is really going on between the DPRK and its most trusted trade partners[CHINA and Russia ] -
for any one to understand the hypocrisy of the WEST one needs to visit and go through the full documentary [film] 'North Korea exposes western propaganda' on YOUTUBE!.

Anonymous said...

This is like a thorn in the eyes of enemies