Tuesday, December 4, 2012

NATO to Deploy Patriot Missiles in Turkey

NATO foreign ministers today approved deployment of Patriot surface-to-missiles in Turkey to protect the country against any Syrian missile attack, possibly armed with chemical weapons.

“We stand with Turkey in the spirit of strong solidarity and we stand ready to take the necessary steps for the defense of Turkey,” said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. “The NATO ministers unanimously expressed grave concern about reports that the Syrian regime may be considering the use of chemical weapons,” Rasmussen added. 

File photo: A Patriot defense missile in Germany. (CARSTEN REHDER/EPA/WashPost)


Anonymous said...

Good news! That will agitate the bearded and smelly ones in occupied Iran.

Anonymous said...

Turkey is behaving like a Turkey as it underestimates Syrian military resolve and cohesion. Even the Zionist ex-Chief of Staff today stated that the Saudi, Turkish and Persian Gulf Arab puppet mini-pimpdoms simply don't have the strategy or manpower to topple Assad. The Salafi terrorists have only boosted the resistance from the Syrian military due to their atrocities and executions of unarmed captives. The US/NATO backed Khaleeji (Persian Gulf Arab Wahabbi/Salafi) terrorists are also using mass rape in urban areas, particularly of secular educated Syrian women.

The Syrian military will simply wear down the Salafi murdering thugs and terrorists in a war of attrition as the state civilian infrastructure and civil services, including food and health care crumbles. The only LOSERS are Turkey, US and the puppet Arabs, not to mention the Syrian civilians who are now selling their daughters in refugee camps to Saudi and other bedouin Arab savages from the Persian Gulf pimpdoms. Real Arab pimps are also buying women and children in the refugee camps in Jordan and Turkey. So much for the "ummah" and Arab Salafi/Wahabbi Islam and its moral standards.

It is shame what Turkey is doing to Syria, not to mention its own future.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:29--- the Assad dictatorship is never going to be restored.

it's over for them and Turkey has finally gotten something right...after bungling Libya.

Anonymous said...


Turkey's stance on Syria has been one of the worst foreign policy decisions in its history as a modern state.

Anonymous said...

yes, initially, Erdogan was flat wrong in thinking that he could use his friendly relations with Bashir Assad to persuade the man to cease murdering Syrian citizens.

But since giving up on that folly, Turkey has moved to insure itself a central role in the next regime that will control Syria and has formed a good working relationship with the Arab nations of the Middle East and that has come with the additional benefit of distancing Turkey from the Iranian government.

It's all good for Turkey

Anonymous said...

Last time the Turkey's got involved with Arabs, they lost their sick Osmani empire. This time perhaps Anatolian Kurdistan. It is "all good for Turkey" indeed. Specially close to thanksgiving. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving's come and gone, plucker, and Erdogan's still fully-feathered.

Anonymous said...

For those pathetic and paranoid mozdors. Assad and his regime is finished.

Nader Uskowi said...

Turkey’s stance on Syria has actually been a shrewd foreign policy decision, cementing Turkey’s role as a leading power in a post-Assad Middle East awakened by Arab Spring. Turkey will be a key ally to post-Assad governments in Syria and Lebanon, as is now the case with the governments in Libya and Egypt, a position that would have been unimaginable just two years ago. And it is not just foreign policy. Turkey is riding a wave of popular sentiments for moderate Islamic governments in the region, with Erdogan showcasing his own administration as a model for the emerging new governments in the region.

Anonymous said...

You see the problem with these stupid basiji nuts is that they underestimate a country like Turkey.

Years ago the Turks used to come into Iran to buy ovens and fridge freezers that were made in Iran.

Now that the Islamist nuts took over,Iran is importing those goods from countries like China and Turkey and thus have caused huge unemployment in Iran.

I bought a Siemens fridge freezer for my daughter made in Turkey and she lives in England.
Who would have thought that possible thirty years ago?

You see what I'm trying to say?
The fact that Iran could have done all those things that China South Korea and Turkey are now doing.

Iran has become a third rate country like North Korea with nothing to show but a few missiles and some uranium dust.

Those things don't put bread on the table of an Iranian working class family.

The Soviet Union found that out to its cost.The cost of maintaining a brutal system that has nothing to show for their people,except poverty and misery under a fanatical brutal dictatorship just like Iran is under today.

The Iranian people have found this out and are hoping one day soon to see the back of this backward and barbaric anti human regime.

Anonymous said...

It's mainly an attempt to encircle Russia (but Iran as well) and start a new arms race.