Tuesday, December 11, 2012

U.S. Makes Every Efforts to Eliminate ‘Islam and Islamists’ – Khamenei

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told the participants in the International Conference of Muslim University Professors and Islamic Awakening in Tehran on Tuesday that the U.S. wants to eliminate Islam and Islamists and any notion that it may come to terms with Islamic movements is wrong.

“Wherever Islam and Islamists (‘Islam-gara’) are present, the U.S. will make every effort to eliminate them; notwithstanding the smile they always wear on their face,” Khamenei said. (leader.ir, 11 December)

“Any notion that the global arrogance led by the U.S. may come to terms with Islamic movements is wrong,” Khamenei added.

Khamenei also cautioned the revolutionaries throughout the region to keep a safe distance distance form the U.S.

“I am not saying they (the revolutionaries) should go to war with the arrogance (the U.S.), but if they don’t keep their distance, they will be fooled,” Khamenei added (leader.ir)  

Photo credit: Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei addressing the participants in the International Conference of Muslim University Professors and Islamic Awakening. Tehran, 11 December 2012. (leader.ir)


Anonymous said...

What a load of nonsense!
If anything the US is helping the Islamists into power.
Does Libya,Syria and Egypt come to mind?
And of course the Islamist regime in Iran was helped into power by the US.
The US and Britain are very helpful to Islamist,Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood also come to mind.
Khamenei should be thankful to US and Britain for their kid gloves that they are using against the Islamic regime as regards the nuclear program.
US and Britain hate secular and democratic governments that could exist in that region.Because those governments wont be easy to manipulate and also those type of government are answerable to the people of those countries.
Regimes like the one in Iran are the types the West wants so that they can justify their arms sales to countries like Saudi Arabia,Kuwait and UAE.
They have made Iran into LOO LOO of the region.

Anonymous said...

Khamenei is demented and uses Islam as a cover for the pervasive corruption and rot of Iranian society. The worst thing these Akhoond parasites have done is to slowly erode 3000 year old Iranian/Persian nationalism and try to force down a bedouin Arab desert cult that is violent, at war with itself and offers ZERO solutions to modern problems.

Sure, the US and other predatory powers will exploit such ignorance and lack of integrity. Just examine the sheer self-destructive nature of the western championed "Arab Spring" which is literally tearing ancient societies like Egypt and Syria apart. Interestingly, the US and the west are using their imperialist "Islamist" puppets like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and the Persian Gulf Khaleeji petro-pimps to promote "democracy" via violence to sow mayhem in the region. It also suits the US and the west to have these idiotic mullahs in power in Tehran, as any progressive democratic government would inspire real democratic change in the region. For better or worse, Iran even now, with its huge size, educated population and natural resources is still the JEWEL IN THE CROWN for the region and a prime prize for the west. We saw what happened to Dr. Mossadegh, Bani-Sadr and other nationalists. The Islamic Brotherhood, Hamas, Wahabbi-Salafi brainwashed thugs all suit US/Zionist purposes and energy agenda.

It is the US that created the Frankenstein Jihadis during the USSR/Afghan conflict that are now running amok in the region, and the new darlings of the west. The Wahabbi sponsored Afghan terrorists were treated like heroes and feted in the Reagan White House and paraded at Capitol Hill as US best allies.

Iranian mullahs are no different have money, property and children in the west. The Bank Melli governor who stole $3 billion from Iranian treasury did not escape to "democratic" and "fun loving" Saudi Arabia but to Canada. Rafsanjani's billions are in London, not in Bank of Jeddah.

The mullahs serve western interest by keeping Iran stagnant, its population isolated, imposing regressive social mores, and stifling real change in the region. Iran is the only nation that can lead, and a natural leader that can influence positive change in the region if it is unshackled from this 7th century Islamic yoke and western predators. This Khamenei freak is developing a cult worse than the Pahlavis. I am afraid that Iran will have an Egypt style meltdown sooner than later and a massive destructive upheavel if a pluralistic civil society is stifled.

Anonymous said...

Khamenei is a dreadful creep and liar.

Anonymous said...

He is entering into his Jelsin-phase where he is becoming more and more senile and suffering from dementia and alzheimer ...

Anonymous said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhpJ6FmroVs --- Iranian racial superiority complex (with former CIA agent Robert Baer).

Note how they emphasize Iran's demography, and Quote: "they are sitting on a vulcano".

Anonymous said...

I want to add to my previous comment. Also note that Robert Baer says, Quote: "an insurgency by the Azeris would be the key, for instance".

Anonymous said...

The regime has turned many Iranians against the clergy and Islam.
Even if you force people to drink to much water,it can kill.
Religion or no religion,it should remain a personal belief and not just another tool for an oppressive religious theocracy.
Let there be light!