Friday, December 7, 2012

Website facelift

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Dear readers:

As you my have noticed the website has undergone a facelift, and is looking great.

I wish I could take credit, but the fact is that Mark Pyruz  is spearheading this effort and we all wanted to thank him for his work on the website.  The four authors of this blog may have different  and diverse opinions, but in this case, we all agree that it's a job well done by Mark.

The objective of the changes has been to allow readers better access to older posts on the home page, and easier site navigation. It will also have features that will make it easier for the bloggers to do their work more efficiently and keep the site and the curious pages more up to date.

Mark, being a perfectionist, will be working on further adjustments to the site in the next few days, so if you have any suggestions on the design or layout,  please feel free to email Nader with those suggestions.

It is noteworthy that this blog has no staff and all the work is being done by the bloggers themselves, with Nader doing the bulk of the administrative work and the news bulletin. 

Please join me in thanking Mark for this outstanding work. 


Anonymous said...

Great face lifting - but the comment section should not be hidden; it should be emphasized and shown to the reader

Anonymous said...

Mark has done a fine, fine job on this and deserves much thanks

Anonymous said...

The facelift has caused that commentators cannot see (like in my case) recent comment section like it was done previously.

Previous articles are removed or hidden for number of days..

And as of today I attempted reply to the Anon from the December 20th, 2012; at the article about Russian destroyer, and the web page haven't let me to type that comment...

There is a question, who benefits from that situatioins and were those changes designed for that kind of purposes as well as to monitor whereabouts of the

bloggers ????