Saturday, December 8, 2012

Iran Road Fatalities Rise

Iran’s chief medical examiner told reporters in Tehran today that 12,500 people have been killed in road accident across Iran in the first seven months of the current Iranian calendar year. The number of road fatalities so far in the year is on pace to make 1391 the country’s deadliest year on record when it comes to road safety, or lack of. Iranian calendar years start in late March.


Anonymous said...

In Iran when you drive,they think you are a foreigner if you keep your distance between cars.
They like to see your speedometer from behind!
They pass new drivers far too easily and should ban cereal aggressive drivers.
A very bad culture of driving,no matter what regime is in power.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Peykan had sluggish acceleration albeit with a fragile and thin chassi. I always had the impression that they drive with a slow pace particurarly in the urban areas. As for roads in the countryside and highways, shouldn't the large amount of automobiles present on the lanes and the traffic congestion as a whole have the effect of slowing down the traffic?

B.M.A said...


it is the same story FROM BRAZIL TO Italy,the bad news is that road accidents know no good governance!HOWEVER ROAD CARNAGE HAS A REMEDY!-I WISH IRAN SENDS A GOVERNMENT TEAM FOR A FACT FINDING MISSION IN KENYA-This little known African country made history in combating road carnage by applying simple innovative rules !.