Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Yalda: The Longest Night of the Year!

For Iranians, the last night of autumn and the beginning of winter is a ceremonious night. Known as Yalda, the longest and darkest night of the year is celebrated for the victory of light over darkness. Days become longer and nights shorter, a triumph of the sun.
Families get together on Yalda Night until after midnight. They eat pomegranates and watermelons, said to symbolize the red color of dawn. Happy Yalda!
(Excerpts from Payvand Iran News, 20 December)

People shopping in Kerman in preparation of the Yalda. (Mehr News Agency/Hamid Sadeghi)  


Anonymous said...

Another fantastic pre-Islamic Iranian tradition that has survived the Islamic invasion of Iran during the Sassanid period.
Yalda,Noruz are great pre-Islamic traditions of Iranian origin that the Islamic "republic" would like it to be done away with.
After all look what they have got to offer but Azadaree (mourning)for people that have not lifted a finger for Iran except for its destruction and subjugation.
Long live the traditions of pre-Islamic Iran!

B.M.A said...


ISLAM is not a forceful religion that strangles other sects and faiths.a person is free to practice his faith in an ISLAMIC STATE without fear.THIS IS WHAT THE HOLY KORAN SAYS.THE ISLAMIC ARRANGEMENT IN IRAN MAY HAVE ITS OWN SHORTCOMINGS BUT one of its many positives is allowing such an old per-Islamic tradition to be observed .LONG LIVE THE ISLAMIC ESTABLISHMENT!!.

Anonymous said...

Wrong B.M.A! Islam is a forceful religion.Do you see churches in Saudi Arabia?
If an Muslim Iranian wants to convert to Christianity under this present dictatorship they will be imprisoned tortured and executed.
So much for Islamic tolerance.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha!! Down with the Islamic establishment!