Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Iranian video and photo evidence of captured U.S. Scan Eagle UAV

Boeing ScanEagle displayed by IRGC officers on Iranian television

Frame capture from PressTV video of captured ScanEagle UAV (1)

Frame capture from PressTV video of captured ScanEagle UAV (2)

Optics close-up of captured ScanEagle UAV shown through Iranian media

 *The White House and United States Navy insist they're not missing a ScanEagle UAV.


B.M.A said...


As usual history's most boisterous empire wont admit a failure!it is the same story,even the other day when they lost the treasured 'beast of Kandahar',it was all denials from them.BUT MARK,IT SEEMS IRAN IS A LITTLE BIT AHEAD IN THE DRONE TECHNOLOGY I MEAN AHEAD OF EUROPE[because THEY EU, had a MAIDEN test flight of their prototype recently]COULD YOU PLEASE RUN AN IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS TO HIGHLIGHT THIS SUCCESS STORY ON THE PART OF IRAN AND HOW IT HAS DETERRED AN INVASION!.

Anonymous said...

As stated by the adults earlier, this a a downed CIA drone (no markings for plausible deniability, a hallmark of US lies) operating from UAE. Iran has honed in its ELINT skills and has brought a number of US UAVs down on the eastern frontier as well giving it a technical and intelligence bonanza. Most of the captured US technology is re-engineered for Iran's advanced UAV program.

Anonymous said...

Another example of US murder by drone in the region and the US/CIA escalation of drone war against Kurds and against Syria. Iran is the only state in the region capable of defending itself.

Turkey's Attack on Civilians Tied to U.S. Military Drone
Above and out of sight, a U.S. Predator drone loitered. It was on a routine patrol when U.S. personnel monitoring its video feeds spotted the caravan just inside Iraq and moving toward the Turkish border, according to U.S. officials and the Pentagon's assessment of the fatal strike.
U.S. military officers at the Fusion Cell in Ankara couldn't tell whether the men, bundled in heavy jackets, were civilians or guerrilla fighters. But their location in an area frequented by guerrilla fighters raised suspicions. The Americans alerted their Turkish counterparts.

The US error cost the lives of many Kurdish women and children. Most of the victims were children under 14 years of age.

Anonymous said...

Americans are all hyperbole and chest-thumping civilian murdering cowards. These drones are just terror weapons.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 3:14 AM,

You seriously need to address your delusion that “Americans are chest-thumping civilian murdering cowards.”

Anonymous said...

That was a CIA anf not a NAVY drone
therefore come at first a reject statement from US Armee