Saturday, December 29, 2012

Velayat-91 Iran Navy and Marine exercise (2)

By Mark Pyruz

Six Agusta AS-61 A-4 (Sikorsky SH-3D) Sea King transport helicopters

Fokker F-27-400M Troopship transport aircraft

Sikorsky RH-53D Sea Stallion (S-65A) with two Agusta AB-212ASW helicopters

Agusta AS-61 A-4 (Sikorsky SH-3D) Sea King transport helicopters

Lineup of IRIN aviation participating in Velayat-91

Motorized Marines boarding a Sikorsky RH-53D Sea Stallion (1)

Motorized Marines boarding a Sikorsky RH-53D Sea Stallion (2)

Iran Navy naval aviators

Marines boarding Agusta AB-212ASW medium helicopter

Elite naval commando frogmen of the Iran Navy

Combat ATV borne Iran Marines disembark from RH-53D heavy-lift cargo helicopter

Motorized Iran Marines (1)

Motorized Iran Marines (2)

Iran Marine petty officer 1st class
Note ACU style BDUs and MP5 type (MPT-9) SMG

Sepher 3/4 ton transport trucks 

Safir 1/4 ton tactical vehicles with an array of different armament

Vehicle transport borne Iran Marines

Photos: JameJam Online and Islamic Republic News Agency


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the US is shaking in its boots! LOL!

mat said...

It's on its way to the 34th.

Anonymous said...

Who knows mat,it could be its last.
Thirty four years of BS can take its toll on even the toughest of people.

Anonymous said...

It is still a remarkable achievement by the Iranian Armed Forces in keeping these 40 year old relics in good operational condition. The mullahs have really mismanaged Iranian weapons procurement and development programs. The primary reason is the theocracies ignorance and only one aim : self-preservation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:41 PM

And not to forget the destruction of Iran and of Iranian culture.

Anonymous said...

The Sikorsky Sea King helicopters are very good machines and from the 1960s through the late 1990s were considered combat-worthy by the US Navy.

Anonymous said...

So you acknowledge that the Islamic Republic's people are the toughes ones.
And like Mat says it's on its way to the 34th....., and for a far way ahead....

According to the latest news,70 think-tanks and 2000 web sites spreads anti Iranian propaganda...

Is that side one of them ???

B.M.A said...


Thanks MARK FOR A WONDERFUL JOB,but could you please bring us the pictures of YOUNG BASSIJ IN SELF DEFENSE TRAINING REPORTED IN the mehr! -thanks in advance!.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the Akhoond idiots have deliberately tried to wipe out 3000 year old Persian culture and nationalism by imposing a discredited Arab desert creed that has taken Iran back literally to the 14th century. A great nation with immense potential now can not even import life saving medicines. It is a real disgrace that 10,000 illiterate barbaric mullahs in silly turbans have hijacked 78 million Iranians.

Anonymous said...

No Iran's people are tough.What has the occupying Islamic theocracy got to do with the Iranian people? Except for their oppressions against our nation, the regime has nothing to offer but poverty hopelessness and slavery towards a bloodthirsty system that only serves a backward class of believers with their never ending self inflicted martyrdom syndrome.
For IRAN to have a future and be free the people will sooner or later do away with those charlatans of religious spin and woe.
It's tough for one such as you to except,but every oppressive regime has a sell by date and the Islamic theocratic regime is no different than any other fascist regime except it's by far the worst type.
Be it 34th or 35th year it will eventually come to a sudden and violent end.
History guarantee it.

Anonymous said...

WHEN ARE YOU GOING to oficially join the AUTHORS of this blog.


Anonymous said...

What a rich portfolio of photolets, so this guys must now everything about Iran the "correct way".

Are those photos current ones?
It would be nice to see underwater photos among them,

Anonymous said...

Reza Shah brought back to life Iranian identity and made us realize that Iranians are truly a Eurasian people belonging to the central Asian and eastern European cultures.Not some bedouin culture from the deepest pits of Arabia.
The Shiite mullahs were brought in by the Safavids over 400 years ago to replace the Sunni and they are the enforcers of their ideology of martyrdom.What ever the case the invasion of Iran by these barbarians has retarded our culture and development.
It's about time the people realized that these people are nothing but thief,liars,jailers,rapists and killers.

Anonymous said...

The Sea Kings are the ASH-3D variant, licence-built by Agusta, in Italy. They are ASW and anti-ship helicopters, also used in a medium-lift transport role.

Regarding the "Agusta AB-212ASW medium helicopter", some correction is needed. They are Agusta Bell AB 212ASWs because, they are a naval sub-variant of the Bell 212, licence-built by Agusta, in Italy. They are light helicopters, not "medium" helicopters.

Anonymous said...

and the Sea Kings are not likely to be of much use when the skies are dominated by fixed-wing fighter craft

Anonymous said...

Which also "are not likely to be of much use when the skies are dominated by" SAM, EW and other countermeasures systems.

Anonymous said...

they won't be dominated by such after a couple of days, friend. Iran hasn't the defensive capability of a modern nation.

they were heavily counting on buying an integrated defensive system from Russia.

Anonymous said...

probably after Iran freezes over.