Sunday, December 30, 2012

Velayat-91 Iran Navy and Marine exercise (3)

By Mark Pyruz

Safir 1/4 ton tactical vehicles equipped with 107 mm twelve barrels rocket launchers

107 mm rocket launchers in action

Truck mounted ZU-23-2 23 mm anti-aircraft twin-barreled autocannon

D-30 (HM 40) 122 mm howitzer

81 mm infantry mortar in action

Marines equipped with G3A4 battle rifles

ZU-23-2 23 mm anti-aircraft twin-barreled autocannon in action

Agusta AS-61 A-4 (Sikorsky SH-3D) Sea King transport helicopter

Marines disembark from BH.7 Mk.5A Wellington class hovercraft

Marines disembark from SR.N6 Winchester class hovercraft

Sikorsky RH-53D Sea Stallion (S-65A)

Photos: Islamic Republic News Agency, Azin Haghighi at Jamejam Obline and Masood Nazari


Anonymous said...

All of this hardware is from the time of Iranian Imperial Navy and Army. What is new and spectacular about this force for the last 34 years?


Had it not been for the Shah of Iran the IRI will have no navy, no knowledge about how to navigate the waters of the Persian Gulf. Long live the memory of the late Shahanshah and all his achievements for Iran and its armed forces.

Anonymous said...

And shah would never design and build submarines for the navy.....


Anonymous said...

A-F.....That's where you're wrong. Iran was building the infrastructure for the military industrial complex.Starting with the tank and helicopter factory in Isfahan as well as Northrop's agreement to build and transfer of technology of the F16 and F18 fighter plane. After all it was the Pahlavi goal in industrializing Iran by the year 2000.
Eighty percent of the infrastructure in Iran was built at that time.Even the metro was planed and approved in 1976 and construction started in north Tehran in 1977.
So to say the "Shah would never design and build submarines for the navy" is blatant and spiteful propaganda spun and peddled by the members of the Islamic theocracy to cover their failings and belittle the true achievements of Iran before the so called revolution.

Anonymous said...

One thing that is still missing is body armour (vests and kevlar helmets) even for the elite forces. The small mobile nature of these forces makes sense considering Iran with its vast and mountaineous terrain can defeat an enemy in asymmetrical warfare over time (same as the Russians use terrain and depth for defence). An occupation of Iran by an invading military is simply impossible as currently no nation in the world can do it as the the US is bankrupt, deadbeat and imploding with defeats at every front. What Iran needs is more investment in better personal equipment, sniper units, ELINT, manpads and mobile artillery to make life hell for any would be aggressor. Only small specialized well trained units are the way to go in future warfare.

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of the shah, but to me fair, he is the very reason Iran survived the war with Iraq. Had the shah not invested in $10 billion worth of arms (current value $40 billion) the Iranian artesh would have been overwhelmed by Saddams' forces which had total western and Arab support. The shah had almost signed a deal with the Germans to build Type 206 submarines and also get US Spruance class destroyers.

Also Iran had ordered 300 F-16 Block C models and 7 AWACS which the idiotic mullahs cancelled in 1979. These ignorant akhoond idiots simply do not understand military technology or modern weaponry and its correlation to economic and geo-strategic power projection. The only thing saving Iran is its vast size, huge population and Persian nationalism. Iran would need over $100 billion worth of weaponry specially 300 plus aircraft to replace the relics that it has in its museum inventory. It is indeed a miracle due to the high standards and world class quality of Iranian technicians, engineers and pilots that these relics are still flying.

The last "modern" aircraft were the 30 odd MIG-29 and 24 SU-24 Flankers bought from Russia after the end of the war. The CIA stooge drunken Yeltsin cancelled the further order for MIGs and T-72 tanks under US pressure.

Iranian airforce, armour and specially the navy are woefully inadequate for such a large nation, even the puny Arab petropimps of the Persian Gulf are stockpiling billions worth of weapons from their western masters. Luckily, the Arabs are too stupid to manage or handle them so they are more of threat to themselves as these puppet regimes will eventually be toppled.

Iran really needs to have a coherent and rational arms procurement plan along the lines envisioned by the shah.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:28 PM.....Sorry to disappoint you,but the US is not as "bankrupt" or "deadbeat" as Iran.And Iran can't afford the investment due to the sanctions which has stopped Iran from receiving hard currency for its oil exports.
Basically the mullahs have screwed Iran.But don't let me stop you from your fantasies!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, US is going great guns junior with a $20 TRILLION deficit, 66 million on foodstamps, 40 million unemployed and underemployed, 300 million gunnuts and trillions owed to China, maufacturing that now accounts for less than 6% of the deadbeat economy, 2 LOST WARS in Iraq and Afghanistan that cost 5 TRILION all borrowed from China and Asia and now a Hollywood style ficsal cliff. What a successful nation eh...get a life beyond the Simpsons..LOL.

Anonymous said...

That's a false statement. Iran produces several types of bullet proof vest and kevlar helmet with ballistic protection. And is in the works of fitting more and more of its soldiers with such equipment. The Iranian police force (the riot control element) is already fully equiped with large covering body armor. The last branch of the armed forces to recieve such equipment will probably be the Basij.

Anonymous said...

no one is interested in occupying Iran. it'll be more than enough to simply bomb the stuffing out of every Iranian military instillation and large piece of military equipment so that there's no chance of nuclear weapons.

Anonymous said...

BTW, with all due respect to your mental condition, Iran is not that easy to "bomb". It will create a regional war than no one would be able to control. In any case the blue license plates on the Safir Hummer's do stand out a bit and would illuminate like fireworks on FLIRS and thermal imaging on Apaches and other modern choppers. It is time the Artesh pay more attention to battlefield camoflague. For some awkward reason, the Iranian missile trucks are painted white, there is no desert displaced pattern camo on the vehicles and no web netting for armor or artillery pieces. This lack of detail can be costly in battle as preparation is half the game.

Anonymous said...

so what if Iran shoots rockets at the GCC states? it'll only make it much worse for Iran as those countries will send shiny new aircraft to bomb Tehran and Iran will not be able to defend the city.

Iran, should it come to actual military action, rather than sneak bombings and bluster, is ...simply...weak

Anonymous said...

well said Anony:

tell him to get a life beyond the Simpsons.
they don't know that the world is changing, they still live in the 80.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for constructive critics.
My point would be that the Islamic Republic creates its efforts under the blackmail and the siege of sanctions.

Imagine what would happen if there wouldn't be sanctions, I would see Iranian man in space -in couple years and the Iranian engineers, in speedy way, adopting and advancing foreign technologies. An example is adaptation of the Scud technology and advancing from there to more sophisticated versions, in relatively short time as well as a development of Chinese naval missiles to new domestic version. Analyzis of those diffrent systems enabled scientists to create totally new ideas and weaponry.

The shah had comfort of the peace and American illusion that they will create staging base for a possibile war with the Soviet Union or to control Soviet space from Iran.


Anonymous said...

As I said earlier,don't let me stop you from your fantasies,LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wow with those blue number plates they might as well paint the jeeps in red!

Anonymous said...

Don't you think you should be getting a life as well?
The world is changing and thank god people like you are blowing themselves up all over the place.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Shah had any intentions to use Iran as a launching platform to attack the Soviet Union.
His policy was to contain a possible Soviet invasion of Iran by conventional military means.After all it was Russia not Iran which has been aggressive towards the latter.
The Shah's policy was to have a peaceful coexistence with all countries including Israel and to rapidly develop Iran.
The Shah had no illusions in trying to modernize Iran both economically and militarily because that was happening right in front of Western eyes. And because of that he and Iran payed a very heavy price with his removal from power and the encouragement and installation by the USA and Europe of the anti communist Islamist in Iran.
So basically the US thought it had comfort and was in illusion thinking by trusting the Islamist they can destroy the large communist movement in Iran,which they did.But they had created a sworn enemy by supporting the Islamist movement of Mr Khomeini who cleverly used the USA thereby to propagate his own fanatical Shiite agenda of martyrdom by using Iran as a launching platform for a new Muslim empire.
And unfortunately the martyr in this case is the nation of Iran which as it goes did not choose this fanatical agenda but thought wrongly that they would have a better and easier life because of Mr Khomeini's blatant lies.

There is an old saying.. "You never realize what you had until you lose it". And that applies to the Iranian nation today.

Docseltsam said...

Another achievement of the great iranian weapons production: flying torpedoes and diving rockets ...