Saturday, December 1, 2012

U.S. Open to Talks with Iran - Clinton

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the U.S. is open to bilateral talks if Iran is “ever ready.” Clinton made the comments on Friday speaking to a group of officials, experts and diplomats from the United States and the Middle East.

“We are working on the P5+1 and making our willingness known that we are ready to have a bilateral discussion if they are every ready to engage,” Clinton said. (Reuters, 1 December)

Clinton said the P5+1 was trying to craft a proposal to Iran “that does make it clear we are running out of time. We have got to get serious; here are issues we are willing to discuss with you but we expect reciprocity.”

Clinton also called Iran the hardest issue she has dealt with as secretary of state “because of the dangers that its behavior already poses and the geometrically greater danger that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose.” 


Mark Pyruz said...

"Talks" for Clinton are pretty much the same kind of diktat Ribbentrop was prepared to deliver to Britain in 1940, in the form of a surrender. Unfortunately, they're not the kind Kissinger took over to China in 1972.

Anonymous said...

There will be no need for any talks with the US, as long as they stick to their past policies...(words by R. Mehman-Parast)...


Anonymous said...


Why are you so deluded? Britain was a great country in 1940 and had strong allies.
Iran is a country of relatively unintelligent people who can't even design a proper missile. Do you see the spectacle that is the Iron Dome? Israelis/Americans can design a missile that shoots tiny Iranian missiles out of the air! As a result, Iran can't design a missile that hits a target as large as a city!
Iranians need to put their delusions aside and admit they are a backwards people and accept their place, otherwise those sophisticated western technologies will demolish any and everything in Iran that they want to demolish.

Iran is not the equivalent of Britain in WW2. It's the equivalent of Iran in WW2 - a pathetic country conquered in weeks. Pretending otherwise is of no practical value.

Anonymous said...

No talking with the devil. The U.S. senior officials burned their bridges with Iran a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:15AM
Iran doesn't need to be the GB.

For Iran's adversaries 200 casualties in a month or several ships and dozen airplanes or so, will be a disaster....; but not for the Islamic Republic..


B.M.A said...


You said Iran is a country of relatively unintelligent people who can't even design a proper missile-
-reply one-designing proper missiles is not a preference of intelligent people but rather blood thirsty enemies of humanity.BRITAIN'S history of brutality and colonialism does not make her any better compared to IRAN.
-reply two-YOU are bubbling here that IRANIANS are backward,without giving some hints or back ups but i wish to tell you that YOUR BRITAIN CANT STAND UP UP TO IRAN in a one on one showdown !!TIMID EUROPEANS KNEW THIS LONG AGO that is why they rushed to form a NATO!.
-reply-JUST WHY DO YOU HIT ALL IRANIANS so mercilessly? i thought you were only against the regime in IRAN.