Sunday, December 2, 2012

Iran's major trading partner overtaking U.S. as world's largest

From the Associated Press:

In just five years, China has surpassed the United States as a trading partner for much of the world, including U.S. allies such as South Korea and Australia, according to an Associated Press analysis of trade data. As recently as 2006, the U.S. was the larger trading partner for 127 countries, versus just 70 for China. By last year the two had clearly traded places: 124 countries for China, 76 for the U.S.

With a U.S. administration and congress that shoot foreign trade in the foot the way they do with Iran and global sanctions, pushing a country into the arms of Chinese business, a different outcome can not be expected. This is the price Americans are paying for sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with Iran; China and Iran are not allies - that is the wish full thinking of Iranian conservatives; China and Russia blocked the Iranian entry into shanghai cooperation in a time in which Iran could really need some help; they 'support' Iran to the extent that can keep USA busy and divert its attention away from themselves. USA and EU are partners and they are do both the biggest trading partners for China; China needs USA/EU (way) more than Iran; so do not delude yourself with this cheap talk about decline of the West; get real

Anonymous said...

The US really needs to start sanctioning Chinese banks that trade with Iran.

China trades 100x more with the US than with Iran. They'll easily dump Iran under such a threat.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the world needs all of Iran's trade, the world will not survive without Iran's help.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:48 PM

Agree 100 percent!

Anonymous said...

Iran laughing US Sanctions
The Bsnkrupt US State has notihng to offer to the those country to comensate their los if they stop trading with iran.

not only china, but also indai, south corea, japan ignoring the sanctions.
and even the turkey doe not care about Senat sanction of Gold Trade with iran.

Anonymous said...

Why China needs US/EU ?

as I know the US/EU are going to china and beg ,p lease buy our $ or Euro bonds.

the dependency China and Western countries are mutual.
both need each other
and they enforce sanctions on china because of iran.

Surenas said...

Mark Pyruz must be the worst political and military expert on this site. Not long ago he tried to play down Iron Dome's performance in the recent Gaza war, by claiming that it's success rate of approx. 85% was to bogus because it only intercepted approx. 450 rockets, while approx. 1500 were fired. Not considering the fact that Iron Dome only operates when it measures if a rocket will fall in a populated area or not.

I could a couple more examples, but perhaps this is not the moment.

China's rise may be impressive, but it got nothing to do with Iran, and l doubt if it have any short-term consequences for Iran in correlation with the sanctions.

Anonymous said...

US is an arrogant and self-defeating LOSER that is losing trade and politically to China, India, Brazil and all rising Asian powers. US decaying economy simply does not produce anything but warfare and weapons to make any difference in the global economy anymore which is increasingly Asia centric.

These self-defeating Zionist inspired "sanctions" are hurting US bankrupt economy more as it tumbles towards the "fiscal cliff" and 20 TRILLION dollar deficit all owed to China and Asia. US is only hurting itself as Iran can now integrate with Asian economies. Even Germany today asked its banks and financial institutions to ease up on the impotent sanctions.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see that Mark has posted a realistic comment on counterproductive US policies vis a vis Iran.

It is also worth noting that the US is in irreversible decline as power shifts to BRICS and Asia. These sanctions against a natural resources rich middle power like Iran are boomeranging on a declining US economy which is headed towards a depression by 2013 and China is now poised for #1 spot by 2018 at 9% growth if not earlier. Even India will surpass US by 2030.

A OECD report today highlights that even in educational mobility US is falling way behind.

An integral part of the American Dream is under threat - as "downward mobility" seems to be threatening the education system in the United States.

The idea of going to college - and the expectation that the next generation will be better educated and more prosperous than its predecessor - has been hardwired into the ambitions of the middle classes in the United States.

But there are deep-seated worries about whether this upward mobility is going into reverse.

Andreas Schleicher, special adviser on education at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), says the US is now the only major economy in the world where the younger generation is not going to be better educated than the older.

Anonymous said...

@ allochtonie

Instead of taking IGNORANT cheap shots at Mark, whose knowledge of military affairs far exceeds your limited intellect, I suggest you move beyond farcical Zionist hasbara claims and learn some FACTS.

Even according to the pathological Zionist liars, the Palestinian freedom fighters fired around 1500 largely antiquated 122mm GRADS at Zionist hovels in Occupied Palestine. The so-called Iron Dumb supposedly intercepted 420 of these projectiles. That is not a very impressive showing is it? Despite usual Zionist bluster the facts remains that the psychological impact of these rockets on Zionist population has been immense and even a single rocket sent the Zionist rats scurring to shelters in pcychosis and utter hysterical panic is a big victory for the Palestinians who have been living under daily Zionist terror with 21st century US supplied weapons since 1948.

Another glaring fact is that the much touted Iron Dumb costing well in excess of $2 billion (US deadbeat taxpayer funds) did not prove effective as even some of the most primitive rockets hit populated areas and blew buildings. The US Patriots had an almost total failure rate against Saddam's SCUDs in 1991 as well, prving that there is no total missile defence.

The message from Hamas is quite simple as it demolished the Zionist impunity to murder Palestinian civilians and has put them on notice that from now on Zionist population centres will suffer too. Just imagine what Iran or Hezbollah will do to Zionists in a total war when thousands of missiles, far more advanced, are fired at Tel-Aviv, Ashdod, Haifa and Dimona. Also these expensive missile defence systems have ZERO capability against low trajectory artillery and massed rocket fire in densely populated areas. Hezbollah has thousands of artillery pieces in hidden bunkers that will not be deterred.

So get a clear perpective before posting nonsense about military issues. Mark's post was on US economic failure anyway.

mat said...

The world most populous nation, China, is well said to take over the lead as the world's leading superpower in the fields of particularly; politic, economy and military from the world's arrogant, boastful and bully nation of the U.S., who, directly serves its life-term master, Israel, with a hugh amount of american tax-payers monies. The U.S. can't even bear any more war on any nation or country and, currently, is on the brinks of bankcruptcy and collapse. It's just a matter of time.

The latest U.S. overall debt, globally, is $16 trillion and with China alone, $1.2 trillion or 1,200 billion. According to the Treasury, China is the biggest foreign holder of the U.S. debt in the forms of bills, notes and bonds. From the term 'great wall of China' to 'great wallet of China' will make this great nation as the best and most popular candidate to fill in the vacant which will be possibly left by the U.S. in the near future, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:32 PM

You truly are the "IGNORANT" one who spurts out their daily racist war mongering propaganda on Uskowi.

What allochtonie wrote is correct.If you don't agree with that,then unlike your masters with their bad mouthing and ill manners try to answer him in a civil manner.
But somehow you like a typical Basij have not been taught manners at the so called school which you attended.