Saturday, May 4, 2013

Israel Bombs Missiles Shipment in Syria

UPDATE: The target of the strike in Syria by the Israeli Air Force was a shipment of advanced Iranian surface-to-surface missiles which had been on their way to the Hezbollah, The New York Times reported.
A U.S. source said that the Fateh 110 missiles were being stored at the Damascus airport, the location of the strike.


Israel has carried out an air strike targeting a shipment of missiles in Syria bound for Hezbollah in Lebanon, Reuters reported today. The target of Friday's raid was apparently a building inside Syria that was hit by Israeli “standoff” bombs. These are bombs that can coast dozens of kilometers across ground to their targets once fired from the airplane, allowing Israel not to enter the Syrian airspace.

Lebanese authorities reported unusual intensive Israeli air force activity over their territory on Thursday and Friday.

“We believe that it (Israeli overflights) is linked to Israel's concerns over the transfer of weapons, particularly chemical weapons, from Syria to its allies Lebanon,” said a Lebanese official. (Reuters, 4 May)

The Syrian Free Army said there were three strikes by Israeli F-16 jets that damaged a convoy carrying anti-aircraft missiles heading to the Hezbollah along the Damascus-Beirut military road.

 File photo: An Israeli air force F-16 fighter jets (Wikimedia Commons)


Anonymous said...

Just as this article states - Laser Guided Bombs together with a technique called Toss/Loft bombing.

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Anonymous said...

So claimed Israel.

Now one has to recognise the modus operandi for the future.

Claim of Massacre and its reflection by their sponsored Media, thus immunise themselves from a reaction / public opinion backlash or better yet, safeguard a silence... Then Bomb its targets and claim something in accordance.

So, no massacre took place, it was simply a public relation stunt to prepare a bombardment by Israel.

What they really bombed is not clear, but certainly was no missile transfers.

Azari by fortune and Iranian by Grace of God.
Dariush London

Anonymous said...

What is the Mighty Axis of Resistance (aka Mullah Republic, Assad Hereditary Republic, and Nasrallah's Islamist Terrorist Gang) going to do about this "Zionist aggression"? They're going to huff and puff and then....nothing, nada, zilch, zero :-)

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Anonymous said...

Correction: the Zionists carried out the massacres themselves, as they have been doing so for the past 40+ years that Hafez Assad, his sons, nephews, cousins, in-laws, etc have been running that regime and making it looking like the Baathists are the ones doing the killing.

Fars by fortune, Iranian by Grace of Allah, and Londoner by Virtue of Lax Immigration Laws.

Anonymous said...

everybody knows after the war of 2006, the hisbullah is not huff and puff.
but wa wait a country which bombs the neighbors, will be bombed too.
as soon as iran has finished the syris job, is the israel at the agenda

The jews are source of all evil

mat said...

Tony Cartalucci says of course airstrikes inside Syria go beyond "posturing," and indicate perhaps a level of desperation in the West who appear to have elected their chief villain, Israel, to incrementally "intervene" just as they had planned in regards to attacking Iran.

This, in fact, reveals the true nature of the attacks, a result of the U.S., Saudi, and Israeli proxies failing inside of Syria and the desperate need to carryout military intervention to save them, while leaving intact whatever remaining legitimacy and plausible deniability the U.S. holds globally, and Saudi Arabia holds across the Muslim World.

What poorly a desperation!

Anonymous said...

well Dari, as you don't know what the heck happened or what the heck you're talking about, from what part of lower intestine did you pull out the " certainly was no missile transfers."?

liar by nature or by training?

Anonymous said...

what special sort of ignorant asshole would write "The jews are source of all evil"

were you raised in a pig pen?

Anonymous said...

They killed that dog Imad Mughniyah, and what has Hezbollah done? Is Assad gonna get the Golan Heights back? It is safe and secure in Zionist hands, and Assad cannot do a thing about it....except for huffing and puffing. Now, pour yourself a nice drink (if your "holy" religion allows that) and try cooling off :-)

Anonymous said...

"liar by nature or by training?" Both. Lying comes so naturally to followers of that animal Khomeini.

Anonymous said...

what Tony Cartalucci has to say is slightly less important than the words of the average French poodle.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:20 PM.....A pig pen is like a five star hotel to those ignorant vermin :o)

Anonymous said...

Israel is what is right about the Middle East

Anonymous said...

Zionist scum are destroying Syria anyway and it has nothing to lose by retaliating against Zionist hovels in Occupied Palestine and Golan. This US/Zionist war against Syria is headed for a major escalation. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

you're a freakin fool if you think that the Sunnis fighting alongside the Syrians are Zionists.

what do they feed you dupes that leaves you immune to obvious reality?

Anonymous said...

To much hooky!