Saturday, May 25, 2013

Monthly Revenues of New Petrochemical Projects At $1 Billion

Iran’s monthly revenues from its new petrochemical projects has surged to $1 billion in the first two months of the new Iranian calendar that started on 21 March, Iranian news agency Fars reported today. Five petrochemical projects have come online during the period.

“These projects have raised nameplate production of petrochemicals by 2.728 million tons," said National Petrochemical Company's managing director Abdolhosain Bayat.

”Since 2005, 51 petrochemical projects have come on stream with $22 billion investment raising the nominal production capacity of petrochemicals by 38 million tons per year,” he added. (Fars News Agency, 25 May)

File photo: Southern Pars petrochemical complex at Assaluyeh on Persian Gulf coast.  


Anonymous said...

Iran is on a roll, no wonder the Zionist pups are yelping about "sanctions failing". Even a dolt can figure out that you simply can't sanction an energy superpower of 82 million super-nationalistic people with a 3000 year old illustrious history. BTW, trade with Iraq is also on an astonishing trajectory not to mention strategic defence and energy cooperation.

Anonymous said...

that is maybe a solution
abandon crude oil export and develop petrochemie

Anonymous said...

Good point. Iran is indeed diversifying its huge economy which is inefficient in certain areas. However, Iranians can surprise the world when push comes to shove. One has to recall the so called "refined oil products" shortage a few years ago when Iran's pathetic enemies were as usual predicting "collapse" and unrest. Ingenious and hardworking Iranians overcame that challenge by construction refineries in record time and today Iran is an exporter of POL and refined gasoline products including JP-4 and other derivative jet fuels.

Iran is a rich resourceful nation that is now politically maturing as well so shift from energy resources is a natural process. It is a huge domestic market with over 80 million consumers located in the heart of rising Asia and China and India as close allies. The stock market and construction booms also signify Iran's confidence in its manifest destiny as a great power.