Monday, May 6, 2013

Inauguration: IRIR West Azarbaijan-Maragheh railroad section

Formal ceremonies for the inauguration of IRIR's West Azarbaijan-Maragheh railroad section

IRIR EMD G26 series locomotive parked parallel to transported RSTC Co. crane

Side-view of transported Railway Services and Technical Construction Engineering Co. crane

Overhead view of inaugurated section of IRIR West Azarbaijan-Maragheh railroad

Quite a few local revelers visible at the Maragheh railroad station

Presiding over the inauguration ceremonies: President Ahmadinejad and Chief-of-Staff Meshaei

Photos: and Islamic Republic News Agency


Anonymous said...

not only has Iran built a new stretch of track for those old locomotives, but Iranian technology furnished all the little bits of crushed rock that line the roadbed.

nobody in the West can help but be awed at these great marvels of 19th century engineering!!!

once again, Pyruz helps demonstrate that super-powerful Iran has railways as well as paved roads, tunnels and shopping malls and photographic equipment to record all these wonders.

Anonymous said...

In the same time,in a distant country called US & A, 45 million idiots live without health care while their country goes banckrupt...