Monday, May 20, 2013

Iran’s New Air Defense System: Herz-9

Iran’s Defense Ministry today unveiled a new air defense system, named Herz-9.

“Iran is among a few leading world countries producing such an air defense system domestically. This mobile air defense system is more advanced and capable than our previous air defense models,” said Iran’s defense minister, Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi. “The battery can be activated within a matter of minutes,” he added.

Vahidi said the air defense system is able to detect and track targets at low altitudes and automatically hit them.

Video: Iran’s defense minister unveils the new air defense system, Herz-9. Tehran, 20 May 2013. (LenzIran/YouTube) 


Anonymous said...

Has a close semblance to the Chinese FM-80 SAM of which Iran has been in possession of since many years back and technology from that system have with all likelyhood been built into this newly copied creation. Also it probably incorporates components from the France's Crotale SAM which Iran aquired either through black market or captured a few examples from Iraq during the war.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed based on an advanced version of Chinese The HongQi (Red Flag/Banner) 7 or HQ-7 (FM-80/90) is a short-range air defense missile. China bought the French Thomson CSF R-440 Sea Crotale short-range ship-to-air missile in late 1980's and greatly enhanced their capability and active radar using a new two-waveband tracking radar to replace the original monopulse radar. The Iranian missiles are slightly larger than the Chinese models and have a longer range. Hopefully Iran will be deploying these in Syria and with Hezbollah units in Lebanon as they are very easy to transport and maintain. If deployed in large number they are indeed game changers with hit probability of over 97%.

A typical HongQi 7 operational battalion comprises three operational sections (batteries) and a technical support section (battery), with both direct support (10 vehicles) and indirect support (with various special test benches and standard test equipment) maintenance groups. Each battery comprises a Search Unit (SU), three Firing Units (FUs), three optical aiming systems, and four 40kW generators.

The HongQi 7's search unit is used to search, identify, evaluate, and classify the targets. It then designates the most dangerous targets and distributes the information to the firing unit(s). If the radar is jammed then the optical aiming units of firing units can be used to acquire and designate targets.

The search unit comprises a E/F-band Doppler search radar which has a detection range of 3,200m to 18,400m; a data processing unit capable of processing 30 targets and in conjunction with the radar system to track 12 targets simultaneously; a wire network between itself and firing units; IFF, and radio station.

The firing unit comprises a four- or eight-cell missile launcher; a monopulse J-band tracking radar with an operational range up to 17,000m; a TV tracking system with an operational range of over 15,000m in clear weather; an infra-red localiser; a data processing unit; a wire network between itself, the search unit, and other firing units.

The self-propelled version HongQi 7 is mounted on a P4R electricity-powered wheeled 4 X 4 chassis, which has a maximum road speed of 60km/h and a max range of 500km.

Anonymous said...

so what do you mean? it is not an achievement because France and or chinese thought of it first? in that case the chinese or the french didnt accomplish much either since the americans probably made it before them.

Anonymous said...

Mark, there are some very good close-up shots of the Herz-9 (FM-90) on the FARS news Farsi site. This is a very good defence development for Iran and I am certain that the Iranian version of S-300 or Bavar 373 is either already being deployed or in the near future. There are now 4 batteries of Russian S-300 in Syria as well.

Anonymous said...

My friend all scientific achievements are incremental from the day the wheel was invented! Give credit to Iranians for their self-sufficiency and independence. Not many nations can produce high-tech weaponry under "sanctions".

Anonymous said...

Israeli Air Force has superior elecronic warfare, counter measure and jamming equipment.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous May 21, 2013 at 8:08 AM
Iran has shown itself to be very capable in that field just ask the israelis in the 2006 war,or the americans about their captured rq170

Anonymous said...

My friend, the Zionists strut on US deadbeat taxpayer funded weapons, while Iran's achievements are all indigenous. In any case, the puny Zionist entity will not last a week of TOTAL WAR against 82 million Iranians, not to mention a multifront war involving Hezbollah, Hamas and most importantly with Syria which now is getting some of the best Russian equipment including S-300 SAM and Yakhont SSM. Imported Zionism is all bluff and bluster and their situation in the region is becoming untenable.

6 million imported Zionists simply don't have the STRATEGIC MASS to fight a long war of attrition and their economy is already on the verge of collapse as the recent public sector strikes and economic demonstrations have shown. Russia is now also being assertive and the whole region is in turmoil. The region is under-going a paradigm shift and all in Iran's favor.