Friday, May 17, 2013

IRNA Reports Blocking and Filtering of Websites and Blogs

Less Than a Month Before Election

Iran’s official news agency IRNA reported today that the websites and blogs backing Ahmadinejad’s government and Mashaie’s candidacy have been blocked or filtered. The Guardian Council will announce its decision whether to allow Mashaie to run for president by next Tuesday and blocking those sites could be related to its possible rejection. IRNA did not say which agencies are behind the censorship, but the ministry of intelligence and IRGC intelligence organization are capable of blocking and filtering websites and blogs. 

Some pro-reform sites such as Aftab are also not accessible, and believed to have been blocked. Iran will hold its presidential election in less than a month.   

To read IRNA’s report (in Farsi), please click here.


Anonymous said...

The Mashaei decision will be an important one because it reveals the self-assessment of the regime in the current situation: can it handle open discussion or does it want to continue its dictatorship ? But the dictatorship has also reached a dead end; they have no solution for nothing; unfortunatley we have to be pessimistic at this point ...

Anonymous said...

So there is good news for you guys if you think that
"dictatorship has also reached a dead end, (and)they have no solution for nothing"
Then you don't have to be pessimistic and waste your lives, because YOUR REWARD is at hand and is going to "happen SOON"...