Thursday, May 30, 2013

OPEC to Meet Amid U.S. Crude Surge and Iran-Saudi Tensions

OPEC members will meet on Friday to discuss how much crude to pump amid the surge in crude production in the United States, its traditional main market. There are concerns that the U.S. crude surge will reduce global dependency on OPEC’s products. But the group’s 12 oil ministers are expected to stick to the organization's present output target of 30 million barrels a day. (AP, 30 May)

A rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia is also adding to the challenges facing OPEC, denting its image as a unified controller of oil prices and supply.


Anonymous said...

The little illiterate Saudi bedouin puppets should grovel in front of Iran as things are changing rapidly and Russia is delivering S-300 to both Syria and Iran now.
Iran and Iraq will dictate OPEC policies not the petro-pimps.

A confident President Assad confirms first S-300 deployment and more batteries to arrive this week.

Taunting the Zionist entity, a beaming President Bashar Assad said in an interview prerecorded for broadcast Thursday night, May 30, that the first batch of Russian S-300 anti-air missiles has arrived in Syria and a second consignment is on the way. Western ELINT satelittes on Wednesday, May 29, detected the landing at Latakia of a large Russian transport carrying 60 tons of unidentified freight, followed by a two more heavy lifters with a battalion of Spetsnaz troops specializing in perimeter defence in wartime and infiltration/insertion behind enemy lines. Some of the Russian special forces were in full uniform and others in civilian clothing. This was the first S-300 consignment.

Fresh Hizballah forces entering Syria Thursday are heading for Deraa to link up with victorious Hezbollah and Syrian units taking a respite after defeating the Salafi terrorists who had sent out a desperate SOS call to no avail. In a lightening attack Syrian forces and Hezbollah have secured the hole southern front spanning 30 kilometers of Occupied Golan Heights. Syrian tanks were seen on the Golan first time in 40 years since the 1973 armistice. Last week Syrian special forces destroyed a Zionist armored vehicle killing a sapper and displaying their intention to fight for the Golan. Hezbollah is massing troops on the northern flank of Golan opposite the Zionist occupied Shebaa Farms. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has pledged to liberate every inch of Lebanon from Zionist occupiers.

Nader Uskowi said...

Assad, Hezbollah entering Syria, and S-300? What those have anything to do with the subject of this post? Are you OK? We were discussing OPEC’s upcoming meeting and what the ministers would do facing multiple challenges, including a surge in US crude production. This is becoming a serious matter for OPEC and its dominance of global crude market. Added to the problem, is the tension between Iran and Saudis in relations with the production levels and pricing policies of OPEC. You are saying Saudis will “grovel” in front of Iran. Why? Because of S-300s in Syria? The Saudis just reported record high production levels for 2012, unprecedented in Saudi history. Can they sustain these levels of crude production if sanctions against Iran are lifted?

Anonymous said...

Iran and Iraq have not been dictating Opecs's policy since the 1970's
The "Petro-pimps" (Don't you get tired of writing this over and over again. We KNOW you really hate them) are in charge of Opec's policy and have been for a long time despite your dislike. Their influenece might be waning due to the development of Fracking and shale gas and oil manily in the US and Canada (Even Germany has announced some findings) The geo-political balance of the oil energy market will shift to favour of US despite your swearing and "US deadbeat" this and "Zionist" that.

Anonymous said...

US deadbeats indeed.LOL

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate it if I am not misquoted! The correct terminology is DEADBEAT BANKRUPT US LOSERS, COWARDLY ZIONIST SCUM & THE ILLITERATE BRAINDEAD BEDOUIN PETRO-PIMPS!

Actually, the real definition is even more pronounced but this will do for the time-being.LOL.

BTW, Iranian and Iraqi oil production and reserves dwarf the midget Saudi puppet petro-pimps and Iran-Iraq now cooperate closely at OPEC as in all strategic matters. The real power axis of Iran-Iraq and Syria is now a FACT. Deadbeat US plunderers will just rip-off more Saudi oil leaving them destitute with camels in the end.