Thursday, May 9, 2013

Parsia Administration & Commercial Complex in Tehran, under construction

Pics of another large-scale commercial construction effort being built within District 22 in Tehran province.

Below: construction photos in reverse chronological order of development

Parsia complex contractor: Baadband of Iran

Developer: Rasa Representative Housing Corporations Union

Steel skeleton being erected with the use of numerous tower cranes

Structures will feature sustaining concrete walls and metal composite decks

Contractor expected "run time" of 18 months (in spite of sanctions)

Concrete mat foundation

Below: Artists' renderings of the completed project:

Parsia Administration & Commercial Complex at the edge of Chitgar Lake

Rendering of project as depicted at night

Detailed rendering, alternate view

Photos: and


Anonymous said...

Mark can you please do an onsite blog post from inside of iran, using pictures you've taken yourself?

Anonymous said...

Why? there is no need for that as all this is public information and good to see these developments regardless of politics. We owe Mark a big thanks for taking the effort to highlight Iran's construction sector. Positive news is good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a concrete foundation! This is excellent news for Iran.

We don't have anything that cool in America.

Anonymous said...

Please, would you stop being so confused ... care to post links which at least have some relevance to the post?

Anonymous said...

Not related to topic, but JPL is a very cool place and they do many interesting things. They also enjoy having a number of Iranian-Americans working at JPL, Dr. Seraji, Naderi, Ferdowsi (the Mohawk Guy) and so on...

mat said...

IRAN of the year 2050.

Anonymous said...

What about these? Maybe not large scale construction sites but still.
watch and see what these idiots have done to the once proud country and its people.

reader said...

I don't understand the negative sentiments. These humble architectural achievements are meant to demonstrate the resourcefulness and resilience of ordinary Iranian people subjected to one of the most strict and unfair sanctions ever imposed on a nation based purely on a perceived threat.

However I agree that some of the Mark’s previous postings on the development projects were NOT of sufficient architectural and technical merits worthy of a mention in this blog, but the last two projects particularly the Parsia and the Rasht airport projects were a delight to see.

Anonymous said...

Guys, criticizing the political system or mullahs in one thing but imbecilic comments demeaning the hard-work of talented Iranians is in very poor taste. Most of us really appreciate Mark's endevours in highlighting the progress and capability of Iranians. Please grow-up and act like adults, rather than smacked brats. Thank you. IRAN PAYENDEBAD.

Mehr Kalami said...

Worthy of appreciation.