Thursday, May 23, 2013

150 new busses for Isfahan Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

150 new Iranian manufactured busses including these Pishro Yadak City Bus LCK6120G types recently added to the greater Isfahan metropolitan area (Najafabad) Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.

Chinese manufactured Youngman-Neoplan busses also added to BRT

Pishro Yadak City Buses being manufactured in Iran

Pishro Yadak City Bus assembly area within the manufacturing plant

Photos: Reza Ghelichkani at Isfahan Metropolis New Agency


Mark Pyruz said...

And still we're reminded daily in our mainstream media Iran's economy has been "brought to its knees." Apparently Pishro Yadak has yet to "receive the memo," their new model busses now popping up in mass transit systems all about the Islamic Republic.

Anonymous said...

Very nice looking modern buses. Iranian automotive industry has managed to keep on producing high quality products despite all the obstacles. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Wow Mark
Oil export down by 50% , A currency that has lost 2/3 of its value in less than 2 years, 30% high unemployment , 30% inflation (that is the official government figure) the real rate much higher / House prices and rents risen to levels ordinary people cannot afford them / A presidential selection process instead of a real Election and you in the comfort of your privileged "Bay area" writing about 150 shiny buses and taking that as a sign of strength. Mr Goebbels himself would have been proud!

Anonymous said...

And last time I looked quite a bit of the west was in worse shape economically and they didnt have the excuse of sanctions,all in all iran is doing very well considering the economic war thats being waged against it at no small cost to the west

Anonymous said...

Please correct the spelling of "Busses" [sic].

Busses = kissing (like in Persian, bws krdn = to kiss)
Buses = transportation

Anonymous said...

nope, Iran's economy is nowhere near to as weakened as it will be.

and unless these busses run on nuclear energy, you're merely a mug shilling for a slimy bunch of old sick reactionaries.