Monday, May 20, 2013

Herz-9 Short-Range Anti-Air Missile System - Details

By Mark Pyruz

Herz-9 system appears to be further development of FM-80/Shahab Thaqeb (Matra R440 Crotale)

Soft skinned MAN vehicle with stabilizers deployed, representing a more economically suitable SHORAD solution for deployment with the IRGC

Herz-9 turret, featuring Crotale-based radar tracking antenna supplemented with suite of optical/IR sensors with laser range finder

Herz-9 with missile tubes, reverse view

Herz-9 turret side-view, sans missile tubes

Herz-type quad missile battery, possibly a naval application

Herz-9 electronic console units

Iranian technicians still using American manufactured testing equipment, this example being an Agilent E4417A EMP-P Series Single Dual Channel Power Meter

Herz-9 missile system being tested

Herz-9 missile fired, clear from launcher

Herz-9 missile firing, seen from behind

Iranian media supplied IR camera imaging of Herz-9 targeting


Anonymous said...

better than nothing.


Anonymous said...

One can expect that all major Iranian warships; new and older ones, will be equipped soon with that kind of systems.

In comparison to their current air defenses, it will be significant leap, after those system will be installed on the warships.


reader said...

I hope the standard of workmanship and attention to details in manufacturing of the container door is not a reflection of the overall quality and precision of these missile systems. Kudos to Iranian scientists and engineers for being able to design and manufacture such sophisticated systems under such an exceptional sanction circumstances.

Anonymous said...

You have to admire Iran for its scientific skills. BTW, this is more like FM-90 which was China's improvement of the deadly effective French Crotale. Major Abbas Dowran's F4E was hit by a Crotale over Baghdad. The Chinese FM-80/90 is a far superior version of the Crotale and the new Iranian Herz 9 is even deadlier and impossible to jam via ECM since Iran has used locally developed radar signatures and counter ECM technology.

During the Jange Tahmili, Iranian forces captured at least 8 batteries of Crotales at Fao peninsula along with more modern Rolands. Some were passed on to China for examination. These missiles deployed in large number with a mix of other Iranian SAMS will turn the Iranian skies into a nightmare for any intruder. Iran's AD is now linked to a fibre optic national grid and over the horizon long range radars covering over 1000 kms distances.

Ukraine sells Kolchuga to Iran
Janes Defence Weekly

The Kolchuga is intended to detect the take-off and formation of aircraft groups at ranges beyond those of existing radar, as well as determine the course and speed of targets while designating them for air-defence systems. It can identify aerial targets through their emissions and identify the mode of aircraft weapon control systems.

Three Kolchuga stations would normally operate along with a command vehicle to provide accurate triangulation on a target. The system is claimed to have a range of 600 km (narrow beam) or 200 km (wide beam) along a front of 1,000 km.

It is now known that Iran has acquired at least 12 Kolchuga stations. However, sources told Jane's that each costs about USD25 million, with deliveries confirmed for 2006.

Kolchuga radar stations operating along with an increasing plethora of Iranians SAM systems such as Hawk, Rapier,Roland, Crotale, FM-80/90, S-200,Sayyed 2, SA-6 mobile, BUK-2, Pantsir S1 and Tor-m1's and S-300 Bavar 373 would pose a real theat to even the most advanced airforces. Iran has also deployed over 3000 radar controlled AA guns linked to the national SAM grid. Iran in 2012 also displayed Raad Medium Ranged Surface-to-Air Missile System using Ta'er 2 missiles. It has very similar layout to wheeled Buk-M2EK 9M317. It was shown during 2012 military parade along with newer Iranian SA-17 similar to DPRK systems.

Anonymous said...

Air Defenses Activated

Iran purports to unveil sophisticated domestically produced air defenses
Iranian military leaders unveiled Monday a sophisticated new air defense system that can “detect and track targets at low altitudes and automatically hit them,” according to military assessment and media reports.

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi revealed the new system at a ceremony in which he announced that the defenses had been built despite U.S. and Western sanctions on Tehran.

The defense system marks another in a long line of new domestically produced Iranian military hardware. Tehran has increased the construction of missile systems and naval equipment in the past months, apparently in reaction to increased U.S. pressure on Iran.

The Iranian Defense Ministry notably partnered with the elite Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force to construct the new defense system, called Herz-9.

The partnership is a sign that Tehran’s typically separate military units are working more closely to construct highly sophisticated weaponry and are being given greater autonomy and funding for scientific projects.

Workers at Iran’s Defense Industries Organization are reportedly responsible for construction the new defense system, which is “capable of detecting, identifying and intercepting low-altitude targets through automatic controls,” according to Vahidi.

The system functions particularly well at night and that it can hook into Tehran’s larger and increasingly sophisticated defense networks.

Additionally, Iran has recently “test-fired different types of newly-developed missiles and torpedoes and tested a large number of its home-made weapons, tools and equipments [sic], including submarines, military ships, artillery, choppers, aircraft, UAVs, and air defense and electronic systems.

B.M.A said...

anon air defense activated-

JUST what are you saying?-what is you take on the this latest announcement by Iran-is it a empty PR,an import from India, or a TRUE achievement by the IR!!.

Yossarian said...

Mark, Agilent may be headquartered in California's Silicon Valley, but it's products are no longer made, or for the most part even designed in the U.S...Hence why Iran is able to get it's hands on their "products." Saying it's American is akin to calling a licensed made Chinese Ak-47 "Russian" or Soviet.

Anonymous said...


This is a TRUE achievement and nothing to do with India. Iran's defence cooperation is mostly with China and DPRK (North Korea). Iranian engineers and technicians have indeed become quite adept at reverse engineering many western and eastern weapons systems.

Anonymous said...

Iranian advisors and tactics turning the tide in Syria

Iranian advisors have been crucial in recent Syrian military victories, because they are experienced in irregular warfare and show Syrian Army commanders how to best deal with the rebels (by using deception and psychological warfare to damage rebel morale and confuse rebel leaders). This is making a marked difference. This new offensive capability of the army is being used to keep the roads from Damascus to the Syrian coast and Lebanon open and to keep the rebels from shutting down the major airports in the cities (especially Damascus). In recent days. even according to rebel sources, the Syrian government has regained control over 90% of its territory is now squeezing the demoralized isolated disparate and desperate rebel factions into penny pockets facing annihilation.

Assim Qansou, a representative of the socialist party in Lebanon's parliament, told the Lebanese al-Nashrah newspaper that during the battle in al-Qusseir city, the Syrian army has arrested tens of French, British, Belgian, Dutch and Qatari officers.

The EU's anti-terror chief said in April that hundreds of Europeans are now fighting with rebel forces in Syria against Bashar al-Assad's government.

Gilles de Kerchove estimated the number in Syria at about 500.

Intelligence agencies are concerned some could join groups linked to al-Qaeda and later return to Europe to launch terrorist attacks.

The UK, Ireland and France are among the EU countries estimated to have the highest numbers of fighters in Syria.

"Not all of them are radical when they leave, but most likely many of them will be radicalized there, will be trained," de Kerchove said.

"And as we've seen this might lead to a serious threat when they get back."

Across Europe, intelligence agencies have stepped up investigations, says the BBC's Europe correspondent Duncan Crawford.

In Britain and Belgium they have increased efforts to track how people are recruited.

In the Netherlands, officials have raised the terror threat level there to "substantial" - partly over concerns about radicalized citizens returning from Syria.

The Syrian army announced on Tuesday that it found an Israeli military vehicle during its wide-scale attack in the central city of al-Qusseir.

According to the report, the vehicle was found along with tapping and jamming devices in al-Qusseir where the Syrian army has taken full control over the entire Eastern part of the strategic city near the borders with Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

Top alCIAda terrorist in Syria killed in government offensive

According to Lebanese media reports, top al-Nusra Front terror group commander identified as Abu Omar was killed in al-Qusayr on Tuesday as clashes between Syrian troops and foreign-backed militants in the border town entered their third day.

The Syrian army and independent sources confirm that it is now in control of more than 70 percent of the strategic city, which connects the capital city of Damascus to the Mediterranean port of Tartous.

Intense fighting is reported to be still under way in some parts of al-Qusayr as mopping operations uproot the last remaining terrorist groups, about 30 km southwest of Homs, with the Syrian army aided by elite Hezbollah forces making steady advances on terrorist groups fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

B.M.A said...

MAY the Almighty bless our brothers and sisters in the defense industries

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Iran is fortunate to have the patriotism, nationalism and dedication of a very smart workforce. Iranian brainpower is second to none.

mat said...

Gordon Duff, a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today, said Syria has surprised everyone. They were supposed to have collapsed long ago. They didn’t, far from it. There is every indication that the Syrian government is winning what really isn’t a civil war.

Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and “others” have brought the dregs of the terrorist and criminal world into Syria and “delegitimized” moves against the government, which had once been based on real sectarian and political differences.

We now have Israeli artillery, one American nuclear “bunker-buster” and even Israeli vehicles as evidence that this is an aggression and not another “Arab Spring.”

Thus far, three Turkish F 16s and, we are told, one Israeli, have been shot down.

There is also undeniable proof, in the form of videos, that rebel forces include units involved in unspeakable acts against Syrian civilians.

Anonymous said...

Syrians were always known as the "best" amongst the Arabs as they like the Persians are mostly of Caucasian/Eurasian origin. Many Syrians trace their ancestry to Circassians, a warrior people. The Circassians in Syria are the Adyghe community, an ethnic minority in that country. Originating from the Caucasus region. The Alevis are more closely related to Iranians in their ethnicity and religion.

Syrian special forces were regarded as perhaps one of the world's best even before, and now they are fighting for their land and country they will fight even more ferociously. I firmly believe that President Assad has the majority of support and his military has proved very professional and courageous in defeating the US/Zionist backed Takfiri terrorists. At the end of the day, the savage Wahabbis of Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf petro-pimpdoms simply don't have the manpower or commitment to topple the legitimate Syrian government. Now with Russia, China, India, Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah in the mix, the Salafi terrorists have a snowballs chance in hell. BRAVO SYRIAN MILITARY & PRESIDENT ASSAD.