Friday, May 24, 2013

Iran Denies Its Forces Are in Syria

Iran denied today it had forces in Syria supporting President Bashar Al Assad’s army.

“The true enemies of Syria make up these accusations to provoke the people of this country,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Araqchi said in Tehran. (IRIB, 24 May)

Iran’s denial came a day after the Friends of Syria, grouping of Western and Arab governments, meeting in Jordan, called for the immediate withdrawal from Syria of Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters. They were reported to be fighting alongside the Syrian army and militias loyal to Assad in the town of Qusayr, near the Lebanese border. (Reuters, 23 May)

Photo credit: The Friends of Syria meeting in Jordan. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is seen in the middle. 23 May 2013 (Reuters)


B.M.A said...

IF these faces are the friends of Syria,then the ARAB Nation needs no enemies!!.

mat said...

If these so-called pretending to be friends of Syria, militarily, can't afford to take on even a half of the whole nation of Syria, how hardly to imagine or dream of messing with the great nation of IRAN. Therefore, just forget it.

Anonymous said...

Iranians aren't participating in the actual combats out in the field. There exist no footage of killed, injured or captured Iranians. There would have been tons of stuff on various sites and clips/pics had the accusations been true... but there are none to be found, which proves that Iranians aren't present at the frontlines. Also the Wahabi/Salafi bandits would love to be able to show proof, but they are unable to, because there are no Iranians taking part in the fighting. The only video material available regarding casualties and prisoners, is of Shabihah militiamen, Lebanese Hezbollah and Syrian Arab soldiers - the 'Good guys'.

Anonymous said...

As anyone with military background knows, Syria has the largest and best military in the "Arab" world and does not need anyone to fight for them. The Syrians have a standing military of around 240,000 men and trained reserves of over 300,000 as acknowledged by western sources like SIPRI and IISS. The Syrians have not even activated their reserves and are only using a fraction of their highly professional sources for COIN and Counter-Terrorism ops.

The 4th Armored Division led by a battle-hardened Lt. General Maher-al-Assad (the President's younger brother) has now completely secured Damascus and the adjoining provinces and is taking the fight to Syria's enemies. Syrian military today comprises 5000 MBT, 4000 APC, 6000 artillery pieces and MRLS. It has the most robust SAM systems Russia can supply including — the SA-22, SA-17, SA-24, SA-6, Pantsir S1 and the dreadeed S-300 which is on it’s way or being deployed.

The Syrian military in more than two years of fighting a foreign based (Turkey and Jordan are primary Takfiri cannibals staging areas) terrorist campaign has proved to be highly professional, fighting with elan and above the call of duty a steadfast rolling campaign to isolate and eliminate terrorists and securing towns and civilians. Even when small units come under pressure they fight-on and above all maintain tight unit-cohesion and remain disciplined. Not once in this brutal conflict were there instances of lone initiatives by a local unit or commander. Syrians have proved resilient in maintaining tight C3I (command, control, communication & intelligence). Every move is directed by President Assad and the presidential palace via the general staff in Damascus. Even when Syrian troops minor faced setbacks, they retreat in orderly fashion to prescribed marshaling areas, regrouped and counterattacked with effective air cover.

In more than 24 months of counter-terror operations in a vast area, nothing more has been heard of even of platoon sized desertion, let alone mass desertions, in-spite of huge bribes being offered by the CIA, MOSSAD, Saudi and Qataris.

Syrian losses in the COIN operations have been minimal with less than 200 armored vehicles and a dozen helicopters lost or damaged.

On the other hand, according to the CIA and western military sources the Zionist regime is having a hard time recruiting:

TEL AVIV — Israel’s military has reported a manpower shortage.

Officials said the military, particularly the Army, was facing a growing
gap in manpower requirements. They attributed the gap to a decreasing pool
of conscripts as well as cuts in the defense budget.

“The corps is half as big as it was 30 years ago,” Maj. Gen. Nimrod
Sheffer, head of the military’s Planning Division, said.

In a briefing on April 23, Sheffer warned that Israel’s military was
losing its career force and increasingly depending on reservists.

So the REALITY is that Syria with a population of 24 million does not need Iranians or anyone to fight for them. The Zionist entity on the other hand will not be able to fight a multi-front war and mobilize its scared imported population for more than a month before collapse. Hence the Zionist reluctance to directly engage either Syria or Hezbollah, let alone a powerhouse like Iran with 82 million people and a standing military of close to a MILLION men, not to mention the Basij of millions. Hezbollah can now field over 80,000 superbly trained men as well with over 100,000 missiles and developing SAM system with mobile and easy to camouflage Iranian Herz9, Misagh 1 & 2 and Russian SA-17. Zionist overflights over Lebanon will face an aerial ambush very soon.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:11 thanbk you for the bullspit.

if Syria's dictatorship doesn't need help, why are Lebanese Hezbollah fighters being killed fighting alongside the Syrian goons?

Anonymous said...

It is quite obvious even to a Zionist parrot that Hezbollah is a Lebanese RESISTANCE movement par excellence and is only retaliating against the Salafi cannibals who fire shells at Lebanese Shia villages from the Syrian side of the porous border. That has stopped since the ingenious Syrian pincer at Quysair that broke the broke the back of the US/Zionist, Saudi and Qatari funded terrorists. Hezbollah as always proved their mantle on the battlefield by routing the Takfiri cannibals in a few hours killing over 200 and capturing about a thousand, mostly imported vermin from EU, US, Canada, Australia,Caucasus, Qatar, the Maghreb and braindead madrassa freak Saudis.

Here read your scared Zionist cowards assessment:

President Bashar al Assad in contrast has gained huge advantages from his al Qusayr victory, as debkafile’s military sources report:

1. It cuts off the Syrian rebels’ main supply and communications route via Lebanon through which their Arab backers Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE to send them fighters, arms and funds.
2. Rebel positions in the nearby town of Homs become increasingly vulnerable, as the Syrian army regains control of the main highway links between Damascus, Homs and Aleppo. Qusayr also links Damascus with the Mediterranean coast, where Alawites and other regime loyalists are concentrated.
3. After the rebels were pushed out of Al-Qasayr, Turkey remains their only accessible source of supplies.

However, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has made a sudden U-turn. He had promised publicly to lobby for no-fly zones in his meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House Friday, May 17, to shield rebel forces in different parts of the country from Syrian air strikes. Instead, Edrogan threw his support between the international conference sponsored by Washington and Moscow for resolving the Syrian conflict.

This told the rebels that the supportive Turkish channel was closing down.
It is obvious to them that the conference can only succeed if Washington comes over to the Russian-Iranian-Hizballah side and agrees to the perpetuation of the President Assad party’s role in any future government. Even according to a CIA study President Assad would win over 75% of the vote in any fair election. The Syrian President has indicated his desire to run in the internationally supervised polls slated for 2014.

Anonymous said...

Fortune favours a defiant President Assad

Damascus EXCLUSIVE: Large posters of President Bashar al-Assad hang over the streets of Damascus a little prouder these days. A few weeks ago, rebel mortars landed on Umayyad Square, the capital's symbolic centre, and the noise of shelling was close and ever-present.

The state television building was attacked. Islamist rebels set up a chain of control from the north of the city around its eastern side to the fringes of the airport to the south-west. Armchair analysts who thought Assad would be hard to beat were talking of a last stand on nearby Mount Qasioun.

Now Assad is fighting back, to despairing rebel admission. Those same analysts suggest he is now in a position to deal an ultimately fatal blow to a disparate opposition reeling from a string of defeats.

Assad has brought to a halt the minor rebel gains in the north. The regime has regained much territory, but it has taken supply lines, killed large numbers of mostly foreign Jihadis and captured massive amounts of Saudi and Qatari funded Croatian and Eastern European weapons funneled via Jordan and Turkey by the CIA. Now President Assad's forces are hitting back at will.

Predictions of an Assad victory are looking more like reality, as the political and military opposition are badly divided between Islamists, militants and secular forces. This is likely to be exacerbated if they do not resume the charge and total demoralization sets in.

The first rebel gains last year were relatively easy: the countryside and poor neighbourhoods in big cities such as Aleppo, Damascus and Homs are conservative, their Sunni inhabitants long opposed to the Shia Alawite Assads and their wealthy, metropolitan allies. It is the bits in between that are difficult.

At military bases, rebels had to fight Assad's determined troops face to face, with the Syrian militaries greater determination and professionalism pitted against the rebels Salafi brutality. Assad's forces dug in with air support and tactical ruthlessness. The recent images of Salafi rebels conducting cannibal warfare only helped consolidate support for the embattled President who has proved resilient and confident unlike either Ghadaffi or Mubarak of Egypt. No wonder Assad's foreign detractors got it wrong since their main sources of information was the Turkey and Jordan based discredited Syrian exiles and wishful thinking.

Then the Syrian military went for securing the large towns, where rebel lines can become stretched in the face of overwhelming power, as at Sheikh Saeed and now Qusair where they encircled the rebels and pummeled them into submission.

Here, the regime not only has support from veteran Iranian advisers, but the terrifying Lebanese Hezbollah militia, who seem to be more than matching the rebels' willingness to fight. The much anticipated number of defections from Syrian military never materialized, and both sides talk of a new spirit in Assad's men who refuse to yield any quarter.

Morale on the opposition side has slumped. In August, Abdulaziz al-Salameh, the head of Aleppo's biggest Salafi brigade, the Tawhid, said he would turn the city into Assad's Stalingrad before moving on Homs and Damascus and killing all the Alawites. Now he along with most of his fighters is dead and a large Syrian flag flies over Homs.

Even without Iranian or Hezbollah support, it is hard to see Assad being toppled. His military has shown no cracks and his foreign backers have remained steadfast.

It is not the outcome that supporters of the opposition such as Britain and the US hoped for, fearing it would consolidate Assad's rule. It appears that Assad junior is following his wily father's reputation as the Sphinx of Damascus, confident in his destiny and a realisation that by not losing to one of the strongest western coalitions arrayed against him, he is winning.

B.M.A said...

Thanks brother for the effort!!-Anon -'fortune favors a defiant president Assad'

-WHEN the history of Syria AND Hezbollah is written in the future the name of IRAN will be written in GOLD!!.

Anonymous said...

The Syrian army in a helicopter assualt has seized al-Daba’a Airport north of the strategic border town of al-Qusayr in Homs province, as it continues mopping up foreign-backed terrorist groups.

Al-Jewzeera also reports that the cannibal terrorists are fighting each other and their US chaperoned theatre in Turkey has failed:

Syrian opposition struggle to unify ranks
Meeting for a third day in Istanbul, Syrian National Coalition fails to agree on expanding to include more factions.

Syria's opposition factions, struggling under Western and Arab pressure to close their ranks and elect a viable leadership, have resumed talks in Turkey for a final day aimed at creating a coherent front crucial to a proposed international peace conference.

The failure of the Syrian National Coalition to alter its Islamist-dominated membership as demanded by its international backers and replace a leadership undermined by power struggles, appears to be playing into the hands of President Bashar al-Assad.

Government forces have overrun a key town as his ally Russia says he will send representatives to a proposed international conference in the Swiss city of Geneva, coalition insiders said.

President Assad's other powerful regional ally Iran has also expressed willingness to attend the conference.

Anonymous said...

It is time for the anti-Iran delusion set to understand Iran's powerhouse role in the region and its sheer massive clout. In any case, all real Muslims and Zionist free people should be proud of the brave Syrian military and honorable President Assad who is a man of steel, like his father. US/Zionist/Wahabbi axis of pure evil has more than egg on their ugly faces. LONG LIVE SYRIA & IRAN.

Anonymous said...

B.M.A May 24, 2013 at 9:48 AM
Well said,what a sick joke

Anonymous said...

In recent months Syria created aditional 60000 strong National Defence Forces (Units), which are responsible for patroling civilian populated areas that have been liberated by the Syrian Army from terrorist's control.

That new idea has shown, that it was wery important and successful decision. That new supporting forces recruit locals who live in their places and know their inhibitants..
Regular Syrian Army was relieved from securing liberated areas and could move to liberate other areas....


Anonymous said...

---- "... that by not losing to one of the strongest western coalitions arrayed against him, he is winning."---

the Assads aren't fighting against Western soldiers, son, or the Assad's would long ago have been placed into exile or lowered into the ground.

wherever do you get these absurd delusions?