Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New mass transit busses for Ardabil, Iran

Brand new busses for Ardabil municipality: Iranian assembled (by AKIA) Higer KLQ6128G coaches

Photo: artavilnews.blogfa.news


B.M.A said...

thanks MARK once more for the effort-thanks indeed!

Anonymous said...

Nice looking modern buses.

B.M.A said...

now imagine what would happen if the illegal sanctions were lifted!-Iranian assembled models would flood the third world roads and this single sector alone would employ thousands of youth beside stimulating the economy,it s the same success story in the pharmaceutical industries.

BUT DEVILS won't disappoint with their cruel and clumsy excuses for maintaining the sanction regime!.

reader said...

Perhaps if we were blessed with leaders who could charm the world with messages of peace and friendship we would have not been where we are. It is not helpful to give impression of wanting to wipe out a UN member state of the world map. We have done enough for our Arab brothers. Even the Palestinian leaders want us to tone down our unnecessary rhetoric against Israel. Just think of the monetary cost to ordinary iranians of such off-the-cuff remark, many of whom may not even know or could care less about the Arab-Israeli conflict. After bombing Syria, the Israeli prime minister is in Moscow to charm and persuade Putin of not supplying Syria with S300. Nasty he may be, but he is working hard for the interest of his people using the art of diplomacy. My guess is that he will succeed this time as he did last time persuading Putin not to sell S300 to Iran.

Anonymous said...

reader May 14, 2013 at 1:44 PM
Yes if only iran would go back to being a vassal state as it was under the shah how much better things would be,if only iran would capitulate and appease the west how much better things would be.It was the west that chose this course of action not iran,it was the west that slapped on sanctions not iran,you may find the truth unpalatable but it is none the less the truth
B.M.A May 14, 2013 at 12:29 PM
No doubt plenty of these vehicles and others will fill the roads of many countries,indeed it is products like these that are being sold to build irans increasing non oil based economy and sanctions have cost the west billions in lost trade with iran at a time when they needed all the trade they could get so its not like they got off scot free far from it

Anonymous said...

reader at 1:44PM
Do you think that "the blessed leaders" are those who would like to subsidize the Zionists and faked cause's wars, instead to provide comprehensive health cares and adjust timely minimum wages as well as to narrow gaps between the poorest and the richest citizens or residents ??.

In the US, the Zionist causes and faked cause wars' funding, as well special protection funds for those goals are the utmost priorities for most of those "blessed leaders" in that country.


Anonymous said...

readerMay 14, 2013 at 1:44 PM "It is not helpful to give impression of wanting to wipe out a UN member state of the world map." It has been helpful for the state of israel wiping Palestine off the map.

Anonymous said...

Messages of peace and friendship?!!!

Are you serious? Like the US of A perhaps. The ultimate invader and warmonger of the world.

No! Only if our leaders were willing to bow in front of your bosses we would've been considered a friendly country. Have you been mentally blind your whole life?


Anonymous said...

Palestine was never a member state of the UN or even a state.

It would have been both, but the Palestinians rejected the UN offer to create a state of Palestine.

Israel didn't wipe out any Palestinian state, it was the Palestinians themselves.

Anonymous said...

In November 2012, the UN General Assembly voted to upgrade the status of Palestine to that of a "non-member observer state".

To create the state of Israel in 1948 in a part of the world that has not had a Jewish majority since biblical times, Zionist militias wiped off the map more than 400 Palestinian towns and villages and made around 700,000 Palestinians refugees.

The state of Israel has had since 1948 to accept two states. Instead, it has chosen occupation and settler colonialism on occupied Palestinian territories that would be the basis for an independent, state of Palestine. This has prevented a state of Palestine.

Anonymous said...

sorry, 6:32, but it was only after the Palestinians went to war to wipe Israel off the map did those villages get emptied.

no amount of horsespit and lies can ever change the fact that it was the Arabs who rejected two states side-by-side and opted for war

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your bosses at the hasbara campaign. You are not doing very well with facts. The fact remains that the israeli occupation of the occupied Palestinian territories prevents two states. Maybe your bosses will have to give you more hasbara propaganda training.

Anonymous said...

and the fact remains that it was the Arabs who went to war to prvent the formation of those two states and who rejected having a Palestinian state because there would also be the state of Israel.

keep bullspinning forever, frodo, but that's undeniable truth.

had the Palestinians and their Arab League allies won their war, rather than fighting it with overwhelming ineptitude, there would not have been two states

Anonymous said...

Since 1948, the state of israel has not accepted two states.