Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Iran military aviation pics, 4/13

High-quality photographs by "Babak T," Mehrabad International (THR / OIII)

IRIAF Northrop (Owj) F-5E Saeghe, 3-7368 / S110-003

IRIAF (ex-IrAF) Dassault Mirage F1BQ-3, 3-6407 

IRIAF Grumman F-14A Tomcat, 3-6068 / 160366 (cn H-68)

IRIAF McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II, 3-6556 / 11103 (cn 4333)

IRIAF Dassault Mirage F1EQ6, 3-6210

IRIAF Grumman F-14A Tomcats

IRIAF Sukhoi Su-24MK, 3-6852

IRIAA Bell AH-1J Toufan I (209), 3-4550 (cn 29010)

IRIAF Northrop F-5F Tiger IIs and F-5E Saeghes 


Anonymous said...

Good photos but unfortunately these planes are museum pieces and don't stand a chance against modern ECM equipped aircraft like the F-18 Hornet or F-15E strike eagle with GROWLER systems. Iran should be rushing to Russia to negotiate some defensive systems as Russia itself is facing mega-humiliation in Syria. Russia should be looking at transferring the S-300 and few dozen SU-34 so Iran can defend itself.

A detailed analysis of modern Zionist weapons being tested on Syria is now emerging.

Spice-2000: Autonomous operations, visual targeting

An autonomous missile, the Spice can be pre-programmed with a photograph of its target, and knows to hone itself in on it. The Spice is known for its destructive capabilities, its ability to perform accurately under any weather conditions, and its ability to remain neutral to attempts at disruption or deception by the enemy.

A NATO missile expert estimated that the Israeli Air Force used the Spice-2000, developed jointly with US in its most recent strikes on Syria. According to the source, the Spice-2000 provides “high accuracy at low risk. It is immune to disruption, due to the fact that you provide early visual intelligence, thus making it unnecessary to use the GPS, which can be distorted.” The Israeli electronic monitoring station at Mount Hermon looks down on the Damascus plain and can visually photograph and analyze targets in real time directing these missiles and other projectiles.

The missile has another benefit, in the form of a reduced radar signature on a modern battlefield, but it now becoming apparent that Syrian air defences have been down graded or deteriorated to a non-functional status, giving the Israeli airforce total immunity. Iranian strategic targets will be in the SPICE 2000 eye-sights in the future.

mat said...

In fact, for all those well-known warmongers, aggressors and enemies of IRAN, it is all not about fighter jets but instead, its various kinds of short, medium and long ranges of IRAN's indigenous advanced missiles, the most concerned.

Waiting for the latest Qaher-313 fighter jets and Bavar-373 missile defense system to come out into a very real actions in the very near future.

Anonymous said...

Regarding "IRIAF Northrop F-5F Tiger IIs and F-5E Saeghes". The green aircraft is a two seat Azarakhsh based on the two seat F-5F Tiger II.

Anonymous said...

Iran has the most advanced, mose awesome militarized flying carpets as well.

reality doesn't stand a chance from intruding into your lead-lined cranium mat........ fantasy reigns in that hollow realm.

mat said...

Iran has unveiled its latest indigenous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a reconnaissance and combat drone dubbed Hamaseh.

The drone has been built by defense industry experts and is simultaneously capable of surveillance, reconnaissance and missile and rocket attacks.

The aircraft with its stealth quality can avoid detection by the enemy. High altitude and long flight range are two other distinguishing features of the new Iranian UAV.

See IRAN latest drone: Iran unveils indigenous stealth reconnaissance, combat drone

Anonymous said...

Press TV gave no exact technical parameters of the aircraft, but said the two distinguishing features of the new UAV, dubbed Hamaseh, are " balsa wood frame and extremely strong glue technology."

Read more: http://www.terminalx.org/2013/05/iran-unveils-new-indigenously-built-uav.html#ixzz2T1eyic00

NOTE:the part of the sentence in the quotation marks may not be exactly as in the PRESS-TV report

Anonymous said...

The biggest U.S military hasn't been able tohandle afghanistan, yet with "top of the line" (ha ha) aircrafts. Do you think Iran or the U.S should be ashamed?????