Sunday, March 23, 2014

Positions of Iran, World Powers on Enrichment ‘Far Apart’

Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency today quoted Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and nuclear negotiator Sergei Ryabkov as saying that, “The positions of Iran and the six world powers are far apart on the issue of uranium enrichment.” (Fars News Agency, 23 March)

Fars also added that Ryabkov’s comments were in contrast to Iran’s own foreign minister’s assessment of the talks.

“(Ryabkov’s) remarks came after Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif expressed pleasure in the recent nuclear talks with the world powers, and said major progress has been made in the negotiations,” said Fars
Fars reprinted a quote from IRNA’s interview with him on Thursday:  
“Another successful outcome of Vienna II has been the fact that the position of all sides on the four major issues -- enrichment, sanctions, international peaceful nuclear cooperation and the Arak reactor -- has been clarified, according to Zarif.” 
Fars, believed to generally represent the country’s hard right, has been cautious, and at times uncomfortable, with reported success at nuclear negotiations, which aim to reach final comprehensive accord on the country’s nuclear program. 


Anonymous said...

Thank God. If these mullahs are able to strike a deal then their rule over Iran will continue indefinitely.

Anonymous said...

I belive you didnot undersatood iranian

the relkation Shah and west was very good and his reign was very short , like your memory

Anonymous said...

How many years , likes of u, promise that this is the last year? regardless of nuclear talks Mullas are here to stay.

Anonymous said...

Yes let's wish to God the situation finally spirals out of control and cedes its place to a full-blown, catastrophic total regional war with the US for the latter to turn Iran's infrastructure and industry 100 back in time, just like they did to Iraq. So much better outcome than hoping for the situation to settle diplomatically and provide future opportunities for the people to topple the dictators like in Tunisia or Egypt (or Iran itself way before any Arab Srping in 1979) without foreign military intervention turning their country to ashes and render it strife with sectarian conflict in the process.

Anonymous said...

I have always believed that these "talks" will never succeed as long as the Zionist mutt yanks the chain in DC. With US and Russian relationship deteriorating by the minute, it is highly doubtful that these cosmetic talks will get anywhere. If the Iranian mullahs were not so idiotic, they would be taking advantage of the changing geo-political situation. A Rouhani trip to Moscow would be a good signal to Putin, who is about to sign the biggest energy deal with China in a bi-lateral currency sway that will further diminish the dollar. Iran should be sighing similar deals with Russia and China to undermine the eroding sanctions regime.

My prediction from day one has been, THESE TALKS ARE GOING NOWHERE.


Anonymous said...

They {mullahs') will certainely outlive you.....

Mark Pyruz said...

It must be conceded, however, that FARS promptly published the Joint Plan of Action in its entirety, something Western mainstream media outlets were not immediately provided with and did not publish in its entirety.

Anonymous said...

"turn Iran's infrastructure and industry 100 back in time, just like they did to Iraq. "

What the hell are you talking about? Iraq's economy is booming and rapidly advancing, and I would much much rather live and do business there than in Iran (excluding the parts of Iraq experiencing sectarian strife of course).

In ten years Iraq will be another UAE.

Anonymous said...

here's some basic research for you.

Iraq is thriving and growing like never before in its history

B.M.A said...

iraq economy thriving!-

and then you will have to appreciate that ,the main players there are Iranians!!.

Anonymous said...

"Iraq is thriving and growing like never before in its history" ==> the greatness amount of one-liner bullshit I have ever heard in 15 years on this subject, no hyperbole here. Next thing you know you're going to choose Afghanistan over Iran any day by pointing out to rising foreign investment and thriving posh areas of Kaboul.

Yes Iraq is "thriving" with world record numbers of unknown birth defects in some of its cities, record levels of poverty (I'm talking about its PEOPLE, not some few pro-US bourgeoisie elite that happen to sit at the top of their oil like the Shah did in his time and the Mullahs are doing right now), constant and never-seen-before risk of all-out civil war due to sectarian conflict, and something wiki forgot to mention : several thousand dead via terrorist acts ever 2 or 3 month, greater than the occupation period of 2008. Multiple Al-Qaida strongholds around the capital that happen to establish themselves over the army every once in a while whenever they please, an ailing healthcare system and massive power shortages to this day. You are right pack it up and fly over there already, do it as fast as you can, taste what it's like to live like kings, compared to Iran's trash and come back with your tales of success. Oh I forgot to add : a severely oil-dependent economy (even more than Iran's) that is simply profiteering from regularly skyrocketing oil prices to sustain state finances. Just because their GDP seems big on wiki doesn't make it the heaven you're trying to sell us so shamelessly.

So by your rationale we should wish the talks to fail, get the country almost flattened then occupied and pillaged by the US and other "coalition forces" and wait for some positive the fallout in ten years and one million dead to become the New Great Thriving Iran with its big retrieved GDP. That's brilliant, just brilliant, keep talking.

Oh and since you love basing yourself upon Wiki to support your fantastic thesis and conjectures : here's for you , qutoed from another page, about 70s Iraq : "After the nationalisation of the IPC, Iraq's oil revenue increased from 219 million ID in 1972 to 1.7 billion ID in 1974, 3.7 billion ID in 1978 and 8.9 billion ID in 1980: by over 40 times in less than a decade." ==> and this, without having to lose thousands of its people to car bombings and Salafi hostile takeovers every month.

"From 1970 to 1980, Iraq's economy grew by 11.7 percent" ==> I thought Iraq used to be backwards before going through the privilege of getting bombed to smithereens by Alpha Strikes and Tomahawk attacks to get its economy resurrected to unseen levels ever ?

"The National Development Plan (1976–1980) ended with an 11-percent increase in GNP." The Iran–Iraq War would halt Iraq's economic development and lead to the economic stagnation seen during Hussein's later rule. ==> only Saddam's stupid and foolish war kept it from rising even further ahead. In contrast your Iraqi golden age of the 2010s seems fade considering the damage and loss of population over the preceding decade, and a country almost completely dependent on foreign will for every dimension of its existence now, with no scientific community left to properly speak of as of today.

"What the hell I am talking about". Well, just all of the above. Sources ? same as yours, different page :'athist_Iraq#Economic_growth

Anonymous said...

Iraq currently has 10% unemployment and a close to $10,000 per capita gdp and enough contracts and deals with western countries (and lol at backwards Iran driving Iraq's economy, Iraq's top trading partners are all advanced countries not Iran).Iraq has already surpassed Iran and will turn into the uae in 10 maybe 5 years.

But keep copying and pasting paragraphs on Saddam you self deluded Iranian fool.

Lies are like an Iranian's oxygen!

Anonymous said...

"Lies are like an Iranian's oxygen!" ==> and this, coming from a guy adhering to the 10% unemployment figure as the sole needed emblem to portray perfection. The US counts 1 out of 6 people flirting with the UN's line of poverty while its official unemployment figures are half of that, congratulations on your find, I'm really puzzled as to how one can possibly react now, seems you cornered us all here.

As said above, get your flight tickets in order, that was a good advice since a paradise on Earth seems to be waiting there. But before your board the plane, remember that it also happens to be the unique scene of several thousand of violent deaths per quarter through dozens of terrorist bombings that happen almost daily to this very day, to rampant Al-Qaida linked fundamentalist paramilitary groups regularly taking control of entire neighborhoods and towns with national security forces unable to push them out for weeks and often compelled to negotiate, so don't forget to bring your flack jacket and a heavily armored division of PMC staff with you on your trip, we never know. Oh, and a portable generator too, since constant daily power shortages keep costing 40 billion dollars each year to the country, except on the Vatican-sized US embassy, there you won't feel the heat. Such issue probably comes bundled as a decoration to Modern Iraqi Greatness.

Seriously, you're the only pathetic fool that one can properly speak of here with all your flawed assertions backed by nothing else than a couple figures supposedly proving a "never seen before" kind of prosperity while another poster showed through its own figures on pre-war Saddam's era that Iraq fared even better than that and with no wars or massive instability and sectarian trouble when oil prices soared in the 70s after nationalization of its oil company, so you keep on dreaming on your delusions of a future rich and ideal Iraqi sheikhdom enjoying the benefits of 10 years of occupation, anywhere between 600,000 to 1 million death, and systematic destruction of their infrastructure and poisoning of their soil, rather than reminding ours. I for one am indeed fine with my perception of reality.

About sources and propaganda accusation : so far everyone made copy pastes from different pages of documented Wiki paragraphs, verifiable by all. So by your hilariously broken logic it's basically ok when Wiki says something in favor or your childish rationale of Iraq being THE place to be rather than stable and at least semi-industrialized Iran, but it becomes cheap regime propaganda when somebody happens to counter it bluntly just by browsing another page. Man you made my day. Now
you were quick to bring up figures, other brought up theirs that are at least as valid as yours, nullifying your core argument in the process with astonishing ease.

Now how about telling us more about the Afghan miracle now that the Iraqi chapter is closed and that we self-deluded Iranian fools all contemplate with profound envy ? After all they are going through the same kind of noble "chemotherapy" at the moment, no ?

But I wouldn't want to hold you for too long, you got a plane to catch, get in there already and give us some peace, Iraq is the New Vegas, truly.


Anonymous said...

AnonymousMarch 24, 2014 at 8:43 AM,

about the beauty of living in Iraq, a good read, dated mid-2013, barely a year ago :

From the article :

"Despite Iraq being rich in natural resources and the US pouring money into its economy for over a decade, Iraqi infrastructure is constantly failing and the people are forced to beg, as RT’s Lucy Kafanov reported from the war-torn country."

"In spite of billions of dollars spent on reconstruction following the decade-long conflict, many neighborhoods lack sewerage systems and trash collection services. In some settlements, there are barely any streets. Water is also a big problem, locals pointed out."

"Central power is another issue, with the system sometimes on for as little as two hours a day."

Other facts that you'll probably call propaganda :

"Iraq’s poverty and unemployment is increasing every year despite the Government’s efforts to implement programs to lower it. The United Nations and other International Organizations have published that more than 23% of Iraq’s population lives below the poverty line.
While 23% is the official figure, the real number exceeds 35% (12 million). The Iraqi people have endured a lot of hardship and suffering during the last four decades of war, in addition to crippling sanctions. The devastating living conditions have resulted in the brain drain of the intellectual workforce."

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:43,

see you in 5 years then, but in the meantime spare us your self-inflating aberrations of a rationale. Iraq is a broken country currently on the verge of civil war based along sectarian lines, dozens of people die almost every day with relentless terrorist attacks from both Shiite and Sunnis groups, the economy actually deteriorates rather than improves with time because of a still shattered infrastructure with little to no clear policies to put them back in order, to name only this. The national fabric is truly torn apart in this ultra-polarized state, and putting it together again will be no easy task, assuming it is still possible within the current generation. Abduction and organ trafficking explode nowadays, forcing young women and girls to remain at home and not even go to school. Add to that a massive brain drain phenomenon plus assassination campaigns dating back to the occupation period that have deprived the country from a once brilliant academic base.

Honestly, not a thriving business place in any way other than for governments sealing lucrative deals on their broken back... GDP are oil revenues are not all, you gotta look beyond that, proof posted here are plenty to illustrate the paradoxes of the situation on the ground despite nice statistics for those two specific parameters.

Anonymous said...

Iraq is advancing so rapidly that Sirius from 2010 are now woefully obsolete.

If you Iranians whose country is such a Hell that you are afraid to live in it need to pile the "Iraq's economy is bad" lie on top of your other lies then that's just more sad evidence of Iran's culture but the truth is:

An Iraqi can wire money in an out of Iraqi bank account to any country with ease at stable rates.

Iraq is building a trade surplus of about 50 billion a year.

Iraq has so many deals with so many western companies it would make your head spin. The advancements you see now are a drop in the bucket

Iraqis have far more freedom that do Iranians (which is why you liars fled that Hell hole you try to defend)

Iraqis have every reason to be OPTIMISTIC about their future, unlike Iranians living in an isolated ostracized and oppressed Hell

In five years Iraq went from being a wasteland to being better than Iran economically. In the next give or ten out well be in uae territory.

Anonymous said...

If only the economy was the only thing broken in Iraq today, as shown and documented above from 2013 and 2014 sources. Plus, sadly for them we don't even need to "pile" on anything, daily reality reported by worldwide media outlets including American ones are enough of a reminder of the Al-Qaeda hellhole most of its cities have become and force the central government to make weeks long bombing runs to barely contain them while they slaughter on every time they decide to. Technically there is ongoing WAR in this country killing by the THOUSANDS and so EVERY MONTH and you call it an example to follow, my goodness you're insane !!!! So all you blind madman do here is to basically loop around your hatred towards everything Iranian backed by the same ludicrous and unsupported claims with proven flawness by every other poster making documented counterclaims that you have been utterly unable to adress even once. So there is no need for any sane individual to list any further the number of erroneous speclative pseudo "arguments" you made this time.

Sweet dreams in your sugary Iraqi citadel home to such (lethal) perfect life.

Give us a break kid.


Nader Uskowi said...

Thank you all for posting your comments on Iraq. But this is not a blog on Iraq, and although I do understand strong feelings on all sides of the Iraqi debate, please limit your comments to the subject of this post: Positions of Iran, World Powers on Enrichment 'Far Apart.' Are they far apart as said by the Russian chief negotiator, or close enough that a comprehensive agreement could be reached by July, as Zarif says?

Anonymous said...

The difference is that in Iraq, a few tiny enclaves are run by terrorists, and the rest of the country is free, prospering, flooded with western businessmen and booming. In Iran, the entire country is run by terrorists.

AGAIN, YOU CAN'T EVEN WIRE MONEY TO OR FROM AN IRANIAN BANK. lol. The country is an ostracized hell hole that no one would touch with a ten foot pole. Forget inviting foreign companies in for business, and forget doing any kind of business in that hell.

Ironically, Iraq is benefiting handsomely from the sanctions on Iran. It's run by a pro-western government and western businessmen are all over the country, competing with asians for business, staying at five star hotels and enjoying life in an optimistic country. Meanwhile, you fled that hellhole you're from and you're scared to go back, live and work (as if there are any jobs) in that toilet run by imbeciles.

Anonymous said...

Yes and all they had to do was suffer bombing,sanctions,more bombing,an invasion,an occupation,a near civil war and the deaths of millions or at least "only" hundreds of thousands[depending on who you ask] and the destruction of much of the country,what a small price to pay,according to you,for a country that will soon be another uae [LOL].I think you should hurry off to find your iraqi dream as quickly as possible.I never ceased to be amazed by the malcontents who denigrate iran while trumpeting the virtues of iraq or afghanistan,I`m sure that even if saddam or the taliban were still in power you`d still be trying to say things there would be better than in iran

Anonymous said...


"The difference is that in Iraq, a few tiny enclaves are run by terrorists, and the rest of the country is free", so basically you live surrounded by terrorists who run whatever they want, you can be among the 30 or 40 people who get blown to pieces on their way to work every day (assuming you have a work) or going shopping in a street market every day but you're even more scared in Iran. I think we're done here. Dude Iran controls a major part of the political parties here and does a copious amount of trade with them. They are winning the war in Syria thanks to Iraq's complicity and Mr. Kerry was unable to prevent weapon transfer via their airports despite repeated attempts and even threats of sanctions, ain't that enough of a hint to who is in charge of the situation ?

"The country is an ostracized hell hole that no one would touch with a ten foot pole" ==> a terrorist-filled country with its dozens of people dying daily including in its capital is a sweet paradise everyone dreams of visiting any day, and a deteriorating economy. Can you tell me about tourism figures nowadays ?

But you keep on talking about the beauty of an ATM and the marvels of moving money around in a devastated country.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:42

"A few tiny enclaves" LOL and you call that a country. 20 to 40 people die every single day in Baghdad itself and its marketplaces, security is still merely assured by armed vigilantes rather than a scared and non-existent police, a kidnapping rate bigger than the worst favellas of Latin America, falling education standards and litteracy rates specially for women (whats their diploma per capita rate compared to Iran btw ?) but the country is otherwise prosperous (lol) , free (re-lol) and pro-western (mega-lol ahahah).

You think there aren't five star luxury hotels hosting European, Russian and Chinese repesentatives nowadays all over Iran ? Plus what's with the pride of providing such high class services to foreigners from countries that were still bombing Iraqi homes 3 years ago and now benefitting handsomely from the country's catastrophically weak standing, while little to no ordinary Iraqis can even dream of enjoying such level of life with their 2 hours electricity per day, absence of sewage system still not rebuilt since the occupation, and this when they happen to have a roof above their heads and survived the latest car bombing on their way to work or to the shop on their day off, or Al Qaida takeover of their town. But they can WIRE MONEY ahahahah !!!

Go settle in that "hell of a paradise" man.

Anonymous said...

I never knew Iranians were so jealous of how Iraq has advanced, in the exact years that sanctions have crushed Iran. You won't like the next five years I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

" Dude Iran controls a major part of the political parties here and does a copious amount of trade with them."

lol. They keep detailed statistics on who trades with Iraq. Why would Iraqis want to buy Iranian products when they can buy from anywhere in the world?! Come on please.

Anonymous said...

"I never knew Iranians were so jealous of how Iraq has advanced"

Oh man you're right. I never knew Iraq had a homegrown space, nuclear, and military arms industry while undergoing total technological embargo and full-blown economic sanctions in effect. Oh yeeees, they are all pieces of reverse engineered junk, my bad. Well, what about Iraq's reverse engineered junk and made-in-Iraq derivations of high quality products ?

"lol. They keep detailed statistics on who trades with Iraq"

Well maybe you should actually look into it then ! Since they happen to amount to close to 7 billions dollars in the past fiscal year, go check figures from wherever you please. They even sell them electricity to compensate with their shortages. All sources from the US to middle eastern ones predict doubling of that level within the coming decade. And the US repeatedly tried to curb such exchanges between the two since the very inception of friendly ties after Saddam's ouster and warming of relations with Tehran. And because they happen to be neighbors sharing thousands of miles of common borders. That's called commerce without intermediaries hence expensive taxes you idiot. This and because of Iran's political clout over the Maliki-led government, hate it or like, personally I don't care since I have no love for either governments really, I just can't stand lying malcontents such as yourself posing as the voice of truth spitting their hilarious bullshit for anyone stupid enough not to look into it before buying it. Not a month ago Baghad was about to ink a couple hundred million dollar military deal to purchase weapons, night vision equipment and heavy ordnance from Iran's DIO because of their dissatisfaction over US reluctance to provide them with direly needed hardware to fight Al-Qaida forces in towns they overrun, in this superb citadel of progress of yours. They could have gone anywhere but they knocked on Iran's door, funny ain't it. And since when Iraq's economy and standards of life are improving, I mean come on even their own dedicated business websites point to the contrary with alarming reports, who are you trying to kid exactly here ? only one thing is rising : their oil output and the natural rise in oil revenues it provides, with full dependency on a myriad of foreign actors to handle their still ailing infrastructure as pointed above plenty.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMarch 25, 2014 at 3:36 PM

No, YOU will hate the coming years my friend, rest assured, your perception of the current tide of events are so flawed and wrong by every regard it's painful to watch.

Anonymous said...

"homegrown space, nuclear, and military arms industry"

lol. You mean that 1950s technology rockets, russian built nuclear power plant that Iraq had in 1981 and will have again in time, or the "azaraksh?"

You think Iraq imports $7 billion a year from Iran? In 2012, which is ages away in light of how fast the Iraqi economy is improving, Iraq imported like $50 to $60 billion total, from:
Turkey 27.8%, Syria 15.9%, China 12.6%, US 5.2%, South Korea 4.8%.

Why do you think Iraq would pay a penny for anything from Iran, when no one else in the world wants anything from that country? Iranians don't even want any of that junk made in Iran. This is so sad. Lying and delusion are really a problem with Iranians.

Oh, and here's another revelation for you, if you think the sanctions on Iran, and Iraq's economic boom were "coincidental" and not planned by the U.S. to boost their ally at the expense of their enemy then you're not being very realistic.

"No, YOU will hate the coming years my friend, rest assured, your perception of the current tide of events are so flawed and wrong by every regard it's painful to watch."

lolol. please. this is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

P.S. you should try to sell Iraq your "azaraksh" jets. I'm sure they'll prefer those to F16s. lmao.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:37,

Iran defense industries are barely 25 years old, and the CEP of their missiles is less than 300m over 2000km ranges and 50-100m over 300km and hypersonic speeds, using optical guidance for terminal phase targeting and laser gyroscopes for the inertial flight phase to reach target zone (ask Uzi Rubin from Israel's Arrow system or Leon Panetta from the Pentagon for that, I have a tendency to give them more credit than i'll ever give an amateur propagandist such as yours when it comes to rising lethality of Iranian missile arsenal) , yeah sure they had both that in the 1950s, rockets were renowned for such speed and precision right after WWII, man I can't stop laughing, keep going with such typical and weak comparisons.

And how about the fact that those same rockets have deterred any enemy of Iran to attack it so far including the all-mighty and brave IDF despite saying it is going to do so in anger for what , 10 years ? 15 years ?

Unlucky for you I anticipated your pathetically predictable attempt to belittle every single one of their achievements I quoted by saying that Iraq in terms of self-sufficiency in those fields is light years away from Iran as we speak, they have no homegrown capacity in ANY industrial field, that is below anything Iran can manage, same for your "'81 Russian power plant", since FYI Iran makes its own new generation centrifuges now, the US is negotiating hard to keep their production low or put new ones in service, the Russian have nothing to do with such capacity since they are an active party to nuclear non-proliferation towards the country despite their existing agreement on completing Bushehr. Good luck to the Iraqi to be able to pull that kind of stunt in the near future.

Keep on joking on the Azaraskh which is a test bed for aircraft sub-elements and ultimately supposed to be used a training jet, they acknowledge it themselves short of some initial PR by that idiot Ahmadinejad, sorry you have to read more. In that regard they didn't even bother giving that custom twin-tailed F-5 derivative a military camo theme, that says volumes to their interest in making it a real jet-fighter. Any person with a slight degree of general culture on the subject can tell you Iran's defense doctrine and priority budget is based on missiles, and with reason, for now.

But, still yeah you're right, Al-Qaida filled Iraq with its 7000 deaths by bombing last trimester will be able to buy them as training jet for its pilots any day they feel the need, like when they asked us for night vision equipment, tank and artillery shells, light weapons and so on, of course you rather deflect and ignore it and tell me about exchange figures and again, ignored the one I posted about the 7 billion TRADE VOLUME with Iran. And certainly not oil since none of them needs it. Your stance is painfully weak to begin and your "arguments" are basically a couple nice figures taken out of context, you gotta do better than that to impress anyone.

"Oh, and here's another revelation for you[...]"

Seriously ? oh what a painful revelation, you mean the same one telling me that Al-Qaeda was originally created, funded, and trained by the CIA and then did 9/11 and then embroiled their armed forces in catastrophically expensive occupation conflict plaguing their economy and international standing to this day while rising in influence after 10 years of war ? well I guess that rising trade volume and the fact that anything Shiite within their parliamentary spectrum being pro-Iran and helping them critically change the tide of the Syrian war by allowing constant large shipments of weapons with Kerry totally helpless to stop them was also part of their grand plan ? do you have other such "revelations" for me ?

Your case is a lost cause, reality is stronger every time you try to sell us bullshit, so get over it already and pack your things, for the Iraqi Paradise and its nice GDP.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMarch 25, 2014 at 8:37 PM,

"lol. You mean that 1950s technology rockets, russian built nuclear power plant that Iraq had in 1981 and will have again in time, or the "azaraksh?" "

Other will respond as they please, but I would personnaly say this, taken straight from the Financial Times, a renowned propaganda channel for the Islamic Republic of Iran right :D

From the article :

"[...]In terms of numbers of scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals, Iran is the world’s fastest-growing country. The total leap from 736 in 1996 to 13,238 in 2008.
Tehran is committed to a “comprehensive plan for science”, including boosting research and development spending to 4 per cent of gross domestic product by 2030. It stood at 0.59 per cent of GDP in 2006. (The European Union, by comparison, invests about 1.8 per cent of GDP in R&D.)
Despite tensions over its nuclear programme, Iran is far from being regarded internationally as a scientific pariah. The number of research papers resulting from US-Iranian collaboration has risen from about 300 to 1,600 over the past 12 years[...].

"Both Iran and Israel are playing a role in the Sesame project to build a synchrotron light source in Jordan that will be used by researchers all over the Middle East."

And ironically, two of the Iranian scientists supposed to work on the project were killed by your Israeli friends in Mossad shortly after being shortlisted in 2010. How noble a participation of them, truly lovely to see how much they can contribute to collaborative work free of political considerations, no wonder people like you hold them and Iraq so dear to their heart.

Anyway, just wait until those negotiations come to a final agreement so that Iran's potential can again express itself to its full extent, and your current quite amusing pride of what you mistakenly perceive as Iran's failure to progress will fall with double the prejudice, and the only thing you will have left by then will be your eyes to cry in anger ;-)

Oh yes an also your "prosperous, free & fair" Iraq (rofl) !!!

Anonymous said...

an Iranian paper is often plagiarized or low quality bullshit. Iranians can't do a thing on their own as sanctions have shown. All of their academics consists of theft lies and scams much like the country's other characteristics. A few Iranians living out of that Hell have produced a few things but nothing out of Iran is worth two cents.

Even that piece of garbage azaraksh jet is a plagiarized version of the 1960s tech f5 as is all of Iran's backwards military orifices. Of course you would not expect Iran's culture, being probably the most dishonest on the planet, of worrying about advanced social concepts like intellectual property theft. That would be like a tribe of apes worrying about ape rights.

And dream on about a deal and get ready to be the next Cuba or north Korea with Iraq being the next south Korea. You Iranians are about to learn a good lesson.

Anonymous said...

Well then the world's scientific community seems to be in quite a big disagreement with your jokes of an assertion regarding its prowess and progress it seems.

Anyway both their civilian and military aerospace industries actually grew during the past decade and specially during sanctions since they became to priority budget of the Majlis (to the detriment of the population that obviously could care less about such technological achievements when their stomach is empty, fully granted, I for one have no love for the regime's internal policies but that's another matter, unrelated to the subject of your unacceptable racism towards a whole people and certainly not limited to criticizing a government)

Even Obama himself in every of his speeches repeatedly praises achievements emanating from the Iranian diaspora in his own country, notably in NASA, but you stick to your reactionary bullshit since it obviously appears to be the best your inept neurons can pull within the scope of any serious discussion.

Hey you know what ? the whole of Iran's several-thousand year old culture is a millenia-long story of charlatanism if you will, whatever you say, pathetic and ignorant racist retard, what else do you have in store for us next time you reiterate your stain of a participation on this blog, I'm curious !

Honesty man, your last comment breaks your own very characteristic record in intellectual and ideological indecency, it is a disgrace to anything intelligent or even critical of a given entity. Are you really that incapable of making intelligent and documented remarks rather than simply spitting out your petty intolerance and contempt for the Iranian kind in general ? it that really too much to ask ?

Anonymous said...

"A few Iranians living out of that Hell have produced a few things" ahahah a few things he says. Actually their contribution were also made from inside Iran, through collaborative projects. But that's good for the garbage bin right.

Brief history of US-Iran joint scientific effort for dummies :