Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New pics: Qom monorail and monorail trains, under construction

New photos of mass transit monorail system being constructed at Qom

Back section view of a concrete constructed, elevated monorail passenger station at Qom

View of elevated pedway constructed for Qom monorail passenger station

Zoom-out view of Qom monorail construction and operating fountains

Construction details including assembled falsework and concrete formworks

Delivery to Iran of Italian manufactured Furno Construction Company (FCF SpA) monorail trains, to be operated on the Qom monorail transit system.

Detail of top section of FCF monroal train being transported in Iran aboard flatbed truck trailers

FCF two-car monorail trains as they appeared last year being built in Italy

FCF SpA's state of the art monorail driver station

FCF SpA's state of the art monorail driver station with electrics switched on for testing

FCF SpA designed flat floor, full-sized Alweg-type monorail train interior

Qom monorail transit system 63KVA three phase oil immersed power transformers

Iranian-built NEKA NOVIN LPS metal-clad switchgear panels

Iranian-built NEKA NOVIN TPS distribution boards

Qom monorail transit system automated passenger ticket gates

Photos: YJC.ir, Qom.ir and The Monorail Society


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, great news!

Anonymous said...

I do really wish to see Iran well ldeveloped. I don't know what mr Ahmadinejhad did to Iran and where 800 billion dollars oil money gone. It is now 20 years that they are trying to build metros in 3-4 cities without being able to see one of them ready. Hopefuly mr Rouhani can get track of the problems and stop the Bribery. Many of them still sitting in the parliament and keeping their face as defender of revelution but they are the real enemy of the people and the country

Anonymous said...

How long that going to take ? Another 30 years here too?
Kemanshah, Tabriz, Shiraz, Ahwas, Mashad metro have taken lomg time and stll not a single route is ready. What does really this Iranian government is doing? Ahmadi Nejhad has really destried Iran. We will see what will be written in the history about this person. Completely uneducated person with no knowledge what to manage and how to do. We ra efar behind othre countries in the region. Iranian have been suffering a lot with this missmanagement.