Sunday, March 2, 2014

Basij ‘Towards Beit al-Moqaddas’ and ‘Kossar’ exercises - Qom Province

Qom province (IRGC Ali Ibn Abitaleb Corps command):

Better equipped riflemen of a Imam Hossein battalion

Seated formation of Imam Hossein battalion

Basij cleric outfitted in camouflage battle dress, armed with AKMS type assault rifle

Basij banner of an Imam Hussein battalion

Study of Basij Imam Hossein battalion light infantry equipment: M1 style Iranian manufactured helmet, ACB style boots and armed with AKMS type assault rifles.

Basij Iran-Iraq War veteran volunteers among Imam Hussein battalion

IRGC training deputies issuing AKMS type assault rifles

Holy Koran ritual performed on young Basij rifleman before Basij war veterans

Basij trench position, appearing much as it did during the later stages of Iran-Iraq War

Tripod-mounted PKM machine gun firing position

Tripod-mounted DShKM type heavy machine gun firing position

12.7 x108mm ammunition belt assembly for DShKM type HMG

Battle scenario simulation for elements Basij Imam Hussein battalion. Note exposed, forward position of HMG.

Possible tribal Basij riflemen

Possible tribal Basij riflemen taking cover before simulated barrage

Basij light infantrymen under an Iranian winter rainbow

Motorized Basij riding Iranian-built AMICO X-186 dual-sport type motorbike

Traditionally garbed cleric armed with AKMS type assault rifle

Depending on age, possible members of Basij "Pishgaman"

Basij light infantry night movement

Basij Ashoura battalion training exercise

"Red team" participants (wearing blue) of Basij Ashoura battalion training exercise

Members of Basij Al-Zahra battalion

IRGC Ali Ibn Abitaleb Corps command staff with Basij Commander Mohammad Reza Naqadi (wearing chafiye scarf), NAJA regional commander and civil officials.

Photos: Seyed Rouhollah Kalantari and Sina Shiri at Fars News Agency, Moshen Ghaemi at Islamic Students News Agency


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous mullah regime.

Anonymous said...

Redicilous they might be but they have kept the power in 35 years, kicked out all the opposition, got rid off Saddam and the Taliban by help of US, dominated the region through soft influence and turned themselves into a defacto nuclear power. So it seems they know what to do to hold on power and in that they are good.

Anonymous said...

They hold power by pure savagery. It won't last forever.

Anonymous said... --- Documentary on military operation: Karbalaye-5, January-Februari 1987. --- Iranian experience of the Iraqi Tawakalna Ala Allah operation, April-Juli 1988

Anonymous said...

These men will be good for a few days, after which more brainwashed lightly armed men need to be moved up to the front for a new wave of impetuous suicidal charges.

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