Monday, March 31, 2014

Chamran multi-story parking garage in Isfahan, recently completed

Recently constructed at Isfahan's District 7: Chamran multi-story public parking garage. Note exterior folding architectural style and use of plate glass at customer access point.

Four levels of Chamran parking garage provides capacity for up to 400 vehicles

Interior detail of Chamran parking garage's concrete carousel

Exterior signage for Chamran multi-story parking garage in Isfahan

Photos: Hassan at Isfahan City Blog


Anonymous said...

Mark This is a parking lot, not a significant enough structure worth talking about. I suggest you go to skyscraper city, there are so many huge worthier projects such as the new mega mall in Shiraz that recently opened (largest in the world), the Milad twin towers, and a lot of exciting stuff being built in district 22, the new Tehran space observatory and such. The chitgar lake and park is larger than Central park in Manhattan. Ghalibaf is doing some amazing work all over the city. Please post these instead of parking lots and bus terminals

Unknown said...

I think the significance is the amount of detail that the Isfahan municipality has put into this structure. The stone and the detailing is more than average parking you see in North America (as far as I know).