Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oman and Iran plan to connect countries via causeway

King Fadh causeway that connects Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
The Iranian Ambassador to Oman, Ali Akbar Sibeveih, has said there are plans to build what he dubbed a "high bridge over the Strait of Hormuz." (Oman Tribune, March 6)

The bridge will specifically connect southern Iran to the Omani Musandam exclave -- which is part of a peninsula completely surrounded by territory belong to the United Arab Emirates. Road access from that exclave to Oman therefore runs through UAE territory.

If and when it is built this causeway will constitute the first time in history a roadway directly linked Iran with the Gulf Cooperation Council states.

The planned construction of this causeway will be undertaken by contractors from both Iran and Oman. It comes after the two agreed to double the number of flights between the country from fourteen to thirty a week.

The Omani ambassador to Iran, Saud Al Barwani, has also sent an invitation from the Sultan of Oman to Iranian President Rouhani inviting him to come and visit Muscat. (Gulf News, March 6)


Anonymous said...

Well, it can control passages of vessels in efective and cheaper way, including submersibles............

As of recently, in a similarity, the Russian government have issued a decree regarding the construction of a 3 mile bridge over the Kerch strait, connecting Crimea with the Russia ....


Anonymous said...

Iranian government stooges announce all sorts of plan for things that are never built. it's just part of the usual bullsht trying to convince the people of Iran that the country isn't isolated and scorned.