Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Aabsar Water Recreation Center at Isfahan, under construction

The first phase of Aasbar Water Recreation Center in Isfahan being partially complete, it has been announced that the second phase has now been initiated.

First phase provides for an indoor swimming pool (now currently ready for use), as well as diving pool, children's pool and jacuzzi, massage room, gym, dry sauna, steam sauna, cafeteria and fast food concessions.

Second phase will provide a waterpark, including artificial lake, roller coasters with heights of 12 meters, skating hall, hydrotherapy center, game hall, squash courts, children's playroom, gym and bowling hall. Third phase will provide a hotel and restaurant.
Above: earth imagery from 2013 of the Aabsar Water Recreation Center construction site, at Isfahan

Rendering of fully completed indoor swimming pool during daylight

Rendering of fully completed indoor swimming pool during evening

Rendering of completed dressing room facilities

Photos: Isfahan City blog and Asbar Water Recreation Center


Anonymous said...

That is really nice. We need to set up many of these kind of things in our cities to get our youngs out of street and of course keep them away from drougs etc.

Anonymous said...

Isafahan one time seen as a green city with lots of gardens and today a city in the desert. What has really done this regime to this city? They have never had a sence or a real plan for the environment and that's the reason why we are testifying and witnessing a major wipe out of the land. The forest in north of Iran is just disappearing and becoming buildings because many dirty hands with connections to the regime are making hugs money. Other places are even worse, millions of threes are dying out in the west and the Zagros mountaines and even around the cities which one time was green areas. The country is in a serious danger and they dio not damn things to stop this.